Dr. Mohammed Aly Ramady

FCIB, PhD. Economics, Associate Professor


- Economic Development and Strategic Public Policy Planning
- Banking and Finance, Islamic financing
- Saudi Arabian and GCC Economies
- Insurance and risk management
- Higher Education Strategic Planning
- Technology Transfer and Offset
- WTO , Globalization and economic transformation
- Energy and Resource Economics



- Assessing the role of family business in promoting economic growth perspectives from Saudi Arabia

- Economics, peace and laughter revisited – or learning

- Evolving banking regulation and supervision a case study of SAMA

- External & Internal Determinants of inflation-A Case Study of Saudi Arabia

- Financial capital democratisation-recipes for growth

- Foreign Direct Investment-Move Towards Sustainable Enterprise and Econimic Development of Saudi Arabia

- Gulf unemployment and government policies-prospects for the Saudi labour quota or Nitaqat

- Power Brokers Global Influence of Gulf SWFs

- Rational Expectations and Saudi Stock Market Individual Investor Behaviour

- Saudi Arabia King Abdullah Financial City

- The impact of Saudi Arabia’s WTO accession.on selected economic sectors and domestic economies




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KFUPM Research Institute: Aug 2004-March 2005. Project Manager. Client funded project: Establishment of World Trade Organization (WTO) Reference Centre, for the Combined Chambers of Commerce and Industry.


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E-mail: ramadyma@kfupm.edu.sa

Published Books:

1. The Saudi Arabian Economy: Policies, Achievements and Challenges.” Springer International. New York. 2010 (Second Edition)" Go to Book Page

2. "The GCC Econimies: Stepping up to Future Challenges" Springer 2012 Go to Book Page

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