Senior Project on Geophysics-Geop402

Earth Sciences Department-KFUPM

Instructor: Ali Osman Oncel

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Refraction Design Geop480: Fall 2006

It can be applied to find solutions for the problems of Geotechnical & Environmental .  One of the major learning goals for the Course of Seniour Project might have a familiarity to the present-day application of refraction seismology.  Then, one is asked to propose an application component "OBJECTIVE" regarding certain problems which might be of higher interest for conducting a research project.  Some examples are provided in below to have one to enrich the knowledge of subject matter.  Some of those interesting application are listed in below.  Just come to visit me with one of those below listed idea to apply any region you may suggest.  Or, send me title of your project through my e-mail considering to apply of one those to any region which might be interesting. 

Make your seismic Refraction Model

STEPS IN Refraction Seismology

Team Work

Here is the group we together have went to Beach for refraction study work. Needless to say geophysical application is definitely based upon the team work.  Our students was happy to have a first experience in measuring seismic data by the instrument of Exploration Seismography.  The group picture indicates the first appearance of our students as a group.

Decision on Profile

In our work, we decided to look at the single-line velocity structure.  Thus, that is what profile in the right site is selected for study. 2D refraction works might possibly provide better reflection of velocity model but you need to consume more time and working harder. 


Clean Work

A clean work is completely based on either the quality of your equipments or successfully connections. That is an example how connections are carefully checked prior to starting refraction work.  Other thing on a clean work is to work in a quiet area or keeping silence during the recording of data.  The figure indicates the preparation of SLEDGE HAMMER which is used as a source to generate energy.

Control Source

Refraction seismology needs man-power.  Thus, some of you should enroll in generating power.  it might be better to encourage one to contribute continuously source-provider in order decrease the noisy effect.


Field Dressing

In order to protect one from one any possible unexpected effect, any coverage for our knee or head are suggested.  The type of dress can be change region to region.  Most important thing is to have one dressed, which might be flexible in working.

Data Transferring

Data in good quality is what we need to have following several steps noted above.  But, more important to check we transferred data from exploration refraction seismograph to our Laptop.  Additionally, field information and profile extensions should be noted successfully.