Senior Project on Geophysics-Geop402

Earth Sciences Department-KFUPM

Instructor: Ali Osman Oncel

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 Geop480: Fall 2007

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Topics: will depend on student's and instructor's interest.  They may from acquisition and interpretation of geophysical data from the field or the laboratory to computer models and simulation of theoretical problems of interest in geophysics, or a mixture of both.  Weekly consultations with the instructor as well as a written report are required (see pp.343 of Undergraduate Bulletin).

Content: Topics as an instructor's interest may include the works of seismology: 

  • Reflection Seismology.

  • Refraction Seismology

  • Earthquake Seismology

  • Seismological observations/interpretations.

On the other hand, you are welcome with your interest I always appreciate to hear any topics to conduct. 

Suggested Potential Topics:

  • Refraction Velocity Modeling

  • Shear-wave Velocity Modeling

Research Channel: Consider the prepared materials on AcademicPremierSearch and Times Cited to use provided research channels of KFUPM during your literature review of your project..

Format: See an example of one paper format is a minimum of 20-30 pages not including figures and should be typed on a word processor using double spaced Times Roman 12 point font. References are limited to 1 page. Senior Project report oral presentations will be made the final day of class. A paper copy of your senior project report will be due on Monday the last week of classes. See also Writing Links  and  Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students.   

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Final draft-

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January  15


Examples for  Student's Senior Project and  Student's Presentation