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Content: Topics should include the published papers which you can reach through the source of KFUPM Electronic Journals for the recent five years between 1999-2005 on the seismological evolution of a selected region.  For example, you can reach a list of journal for geophysics and  geophysical journals.  My suggestions for specific journals which KFUPM library provides you to reach recent papers as:

American Geophysical Union (AGU) Package, where you can reach valuable papers of Seismology Journal of Geophysical Research (Solid Earth)  and Geophysical Journal International  but please note that subscription of KFUPM is just for years following 2005.  Thus, Pure and Applied geophysics is good journal you can find good papers.

Steps:  After having your region approved, use the search option for above papers such as JGR-Solid Earth to find references on your research area to find papers that deal with: 

  • Refraction Seismology

  • Reflection Seismology.

  • Earthquake Seismology

Research Channel: Make a search through  ScienceDirect or E-Resources of KFUPM regarding your literature review of your project.

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Lecture 3: February 24

Process:  Following the week of student presentation, a draft version of term paper or website on an aspect of solid Earth geophysics  is submitted for peer review. Each student of class is supposed to provide an evaluation on another student's paper in similar to process for the peer review  common to scientific journals and other publications.

Deadline for Submission which is one week later than class presentation:

  • Due to March 21, 2007:  Refraction Seismology

  • Due to April 18, 2007:  Reflection Seismology

  • Due to May 16, 2007:  Earthquake Seismology

 Linkage between the scope of course and term project: Writing a term project provides students having experiences with both writing and peer review as well as   improving their understanding of the multidisciplinary topics in solid Earth geophysics.

Format: Each subsections "Refraction, Reflection, Earthquake" of term paper is a minimum of 2-3 pages not including figures and should be typed on a word processor using double spaced Times Roman 12 point font. References are limited to 1 page. See also illustrated paper template, which is based upoJ.Lillie's book (1999). Term report oral presentations will be made the final day of class. A paper copy of your term report will be due on Monday the last week of classes. See also Writing Links  and  Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students, Scientific Writing See also grading term papers.


  • Refraction Seismology    % 25  - Due to March 21

  • Reflection Seismology    % 25  - Due to April 18

  • Earthquake Seismology  % 25 Due to May 16

  • Final Draft                      % 25 Due to May 30

  See also see the Term Project Paper Grade Sheets.