Introduction to Seismology

Earth Sciences Department

King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals



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Objective of seminar: Review practical results from the field-based engineering seismology and  and discuss the outcome of internationally published results which migh light on subsurface geophysical structures.

Organization: We will have cover a time of one lecture and AOO will provide either an introduction and conclusion for the seminar.  It is highly appreciated to have an each student to interact with AAO with a selected paper ahead of the presentation. Then, selected papers will be posted on AAO web’s page.

Suggestions: For a successful presentation to avoid Giving a Truly Terrible Talk.

  • One week before the presentation: Provide your classmates a copy of your  paper if your paper  is not available on link site.

  • The day of the presentation:  Provide your classmates a copy of your slides during the day of your presentation.

  • Prior to your class presentation: Give your friends a practice talk to have a feedback and prepare yourself for potential class questions. 

  • Following week of paper presentation:  Take your time to read presented papers and prepare a couple of questions and send them to presenter.  Then, prepare a short summary of nearly 100 words to send instructor.

  • Self-Evaluation for presentation: See the Paper Presentation Grade Sheet.  Fill the forms on each of presented talks and send them confidentially to instructor following week.



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