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Specialty: Structural Geology, Economic Geology and Remote Sensing

Areas of Interest: Fracture and Lineament Studies and GIS application in Geology


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  Areas of Research:

Structural Geology (Fracture and Lineament Studies)

Reservoir Structural Model

Economic geology (ore deposits)

Aerial Photos and Satellite images analysis and Application of GIS to geology
Funded Research And PROJECTS:
1- SABIC Funded Research (Principle Researcher)

Title: Fracture studies and rocks engineering characterization within Dammam dome, Saudi Arabia

2- Saudi Aramco Ghawar Project (As part of the team of the R.I)

Title: Ghawar Structural Model and Electronic Database (1978-1979)

3- KACST Limited Grants Funded Project (Co-researcher)
Title: Geology and Geochemistry of Gold- Bearing Rocks, Northeastern Saudi Arabia

4- KACST Limited Grants Funded Project (Co-researcher)

Title: Origin and Economic Significance of ironstones in the Paleozoic Wajeed sandstone, Asir Region

5- KACST Limited Grants Funded Project (Co-researcher)

Title: Suture zone and ophiolites in the Northern Arabian Shield

6- British Council Research Program, Summer 1999, Leicester University (Main researcher)

Title: Utilization of GIS to determine the relationship between mineralization and rock units and structures, Southern Arabian Shield, Saudi Arabia