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Associate Professor

Ubaid Muhsen Al-Saggaf


My Research Work




[1] "On Model Reduction and Control of Discrete Time Systems", Information Systems Laboratory, Stanford University, 1986 (NASA grant NAG2-223)


[2]”Fuzzy Control”, Instrumentation & Control Systems Dept., Chiyoda Corp., Yokohama, Japan, 1988


[3] "Evaluation of  Distribution Control Systems" with M. Bettayeb and H. Shabaeik. Prepared for Yanbu Petromin Refinery, Decemmber 1989.


[4] "Development of Advanced Computer Control for Petrochemical Industries" with M. Bettayeb andT. Bakri. Proposal for the Research Institute and ARAMCO, 1989.


[5] U. M. Al-Saggaf," Weak Coupling and Near Optimal Regulators for Discrete Balanced Systems", Industrial Control Unit, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, U.K., Report ICU/298, July 1990.


[6] U. M. Al-Saggaf," Model Reduction for Discrete Unstable Systems Based on Generalized Normal Representations", Industrial Control Unit, University  of  Strathclyde, Glasgow, U.K., Report ICU/300, July 1990.


[7] Classified reports for the Ministry of Defense and Aviation




Project Technical Leader: "Evaluation of Distribution Control Systems" Project requested and funded by Yanbu Refinery.


Peer Reviewer


Reviewed articles for IEEE Transaction on Circuit and Systems, IEEE Transaction on Automatic Control,IEEE Transaction on Acoustic, Speech and Signal Processing, IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information, The Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering., The 12th National Computer Conference,King Abdulaziz University (Scientific Research Council)


Book Chapters


U. M. Al-Saggaf and M. Bettayeb, Techniques in Optimized Model Reduction for High Dimensional Systems, Invited chapter in International Academic Press Series, "Advances in Control and Dynamic Systems", Vol.55, part 1, pp 51-109, 1993.


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