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Electrical Engineering Department

Associate Professor

Ubaid Muhsen Al-Saggaf


Miscellaneous Items




Set up of new EE 200 laboratory: (Design of experiments, equipment Selection ...). Updating and modernizing the laboratories for control engineering by selecting all the new equipments and software for those laboratories.




Developed the Syllabus for a six month intensive course to be offered to officers in the Saudi Royal Navy.Proposed two graduate courses approved by the Graduate Council.




As a Committee Chairman (Thesis Advisor)

Student Name:  Hussain N. Al-Dawaish, Thesis Title “H∞ State-Feedback with Closed-Loop Transfer Recovery  H∞/CLTR Design Method" (July 1990). (M.Sc.)


Student Name: Muhammad A. Ubaid,Thesis Title:"Generalized Balanced and Approximate Balanced Representations"  (1992) (M.Sc.)


As a Committee Member

Student Name: Ali A. Cherid, Thesis Title: "Globally Stable Adaptive Pole Placement" (Ph.D.)

Student Name: Kemal M. Fidanboylu, Thesis Title: "A New Transformation and Design Technique for Switched Capacitor High Pass Ladder Filters" (M.Sc.)

Student Name: Mohammad A. Al-Sunaidi, Thesis Title: "Special-Purpose VLSI Design for Digital Filtering" (M.Sc.)

Student Name: Imtiaz A. Nizam Din, Thesis Title: "Structured Realizations of Digital Controllers" (M.Sc.)

Student Name: Sayed Misbahuddin, Thesis Title: "An Investigation of Error Recovery of Variable Length Codes" (M.Sc.)

Student Name: Gaswarah M. Abu-Askar, Thesis Title: "An LPC Analysis and Synthesis System for Arabic Speech" (M.Sc.)

Student Name: Ahamad M. Al-Shaikh, Thesis Title: "An Investigation of ARQ Schemes Based on Simple FEC Codes" (M.Sc.)

Student Name: Siyad C. Ma, Thesis Title: "Fault Diagnosis of a Class of Sequential Machines" (M.Sc)

Student Name: Ismail M. Al-Fara,Thesis Title: "Special Estimation Based on Singular Value Decomposition Techniques" (M.Sc.)

Student Name: Fathi A. Abu Al-Saud, Thesis Title: "Design of State Feedback Control Laws Based on Reduced Order Models" (M.Sc.)




Digital Communications and Signal Processing.

Distributed Industrial Computer Control Systems. (Syst. Eng. Dept.)

Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers.




Departmental Committees

Curriculum Committee

Graduate Program Committee

Laboratory Development Committee

Planning and Continuing Education Committee

Computer Utilization Committee

Senior Project Guidelines Formulation Committee


College Committees

Review and Evaluation of Math 101 & 102

Best Researcher award Committee.

Best teacher award Committee.

Promotion Committee.


University Committees

Research Committee.

Entrance Exam Committee

Technical Colleges Program Development Committee

A Special Investigation Committee

Part-time Ph.D. prog. Committee

Book Authoring. Committee

Digital Control Labs Committee


National Committees

OrganizationCommittee of the 11th National computer conference and Exhibition

Organization Committee of the 12th National computer conference and Exhibition


Other Committees

Registration Committee of the 11th National computer conference and Exhibition

Publications Committee of the 11th National computer conference and Exhibition

Program and Registration Committee of the 12th National computer conference and Exhibition





Digital Storage Scope, Digital Talking Clock, A Telephone-based Remote Control System, A Telephone-based Monitoring System, A Telephone-based Emergency Calling System, A Telephone Answering System,  A Secret Code Telephone System,  A Memory-based Telephone System,  A Musical Telephone., Karnaugh Map Displayer, Arabic Talking Clock.





Student Name: Hussain S. Al-Mur





Student Name: Majed H. Bukhari

Student Name: Fares M. Ajil.

Student Name: Esam Ghanem.

Student Name: Moncef Klibi.

Student Name: Sami S. Al-Thamer.

Student Name: Sami. M. Al-Huwail.

Student Name: Sultan Al-Utaibi

Student Name: Samir A. Zainaddin

Student Name: Omar Hasan

Student Name: M. Al-Masri


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