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Principal Investigator: " Detection des Defauts volumiques dans des Tubes de Gainage a paroi mince par voie Ultrasonore", Commissariat Aux Energies Nouvelles CEN, Algiers, 1984- 1985.



Principal Investigator: " Génération et Détection d'Onde Ultrasonore sans contact par voie electromagnetique", Commissariat Aux Energies Nouvelles CEN, Algiers, 1985 -1986



Principal Investigator: " Imagerie Ultrasonore des Objets immerges dans l'eau", High Commission for Research, Algeria, 1985-1986. 



Principal Investigator: " Realisation des Sondes Ultrasonores", High Commission for Research, Algeria, 1985-1987.



Principal Investigator: " Detection des Cibles Mobile", High Commission for Research, Algeria, 1986-1987.



Co-Investigator: " Mesure de vitesse d'Onde Ultrasonore dans des Matériaux Composites", High Commission for Research, Algeria, 1986-1988.



Principal Investigator- "Advanced Cost-Effective Ultrasonic Examination and Assessement in Industrial Components", King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology (KACST), AR-16-88, 1997-1999.



Principal Investigator: "High Order statistics-based deconvolution of NDT Ultrasonic Data," EE/SABIC/96-8, 1998-1999.



Principal Investigator: "Automatic Detection of Hydrogen induced Cracking using Ultrasonic nondestructive testing (NDT) signals." Saudi Aramco, PN2X009, May, 1998.



Principal Investigator: “Defect impulse response-based Classification scheme in ultrasonic NDT: Application to hydrogen induced crack” SABIC  99/10, 2000-2002.



Principal Investigator: “Development of an intelligent nondestructive testing tool to detect and identify defects found in petrochemical plants”, King Abdelaziz City of Science and Technology (KACST) AR-24-106, 2005-2008.


Principal Investigator:” Extraction of optimal features from ultrasonic NDT signals using time-frequency and time-scale distributions", University Funded project, May 2006- November 2008, EE/Ultrasonic/318.



Co-Investigator: "Development of solid-liquid mass transfer probe based on limiting diffusion current: Application in stirred tanks", University funded project, March 2005-March 2007.



Principal Investigator: Corrosion Evaluation using anew Electrochemical Impedance Measurement Technique. Funded by KACST under the number APR-135-28.



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