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Research Statement

Robotics, control & Planning

A complex dynamical, bottom-up, artificial life system paradigm to behavior synthesis that is expressed using the potential field method is used for designing goal-oriented, context-sensitive, intelligent controllers (planners). The planners are designed to function in the face of incomplete information. Up till now, they have been successfully applied in sensor-based planning, planning for large scale, multi-agent systems in unknown environments, and in pursuit evasion. Ongoing research is focusing on adapting the technique for combinatorial optimization, planning with aging information, and sensor-based kinodynamic motion planning.

90-91 Motion control of a Robotics arm manipulator.

83-85 Control of Servo Systems.

Signal Processing

96-98 A VLSI-friendly, FFT-based, bandwidth-efficient, robust, prototype, bloc receiver is derived for DPSK, and SDPSK modulated signals.

90-95 Designing fast and reliable signal change detectors (Edge Detectors).

88-90 Controlling the design complexity of M-D FIR digital filters. Fast design of M-D finite precision FIR digital filters.

86-87 Estimation of the number of sinusoids in Additive White Guassian Noise using little a priori information.

84-86 Speech analysis synthesis, and scrambling.


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