Research Experience
I did work on following topics during my M.S. at KFUPM
  1. Channel Estimation and Coding in OFDM Systems (download report)
  2. Simulation of different Blind Equalizers Algorithms (download report)
  3. Simulate a new scheme using stop and go algorithm of Blind Equalizers, which significantly reduces its convergence time (download report)
  4. Implementation of a Web Server (using HTTP 1.1) in Java. (download report)
  5. Comparative study of different architecture approaches used in Reconfigurable Computing (download report)
  6. Study of Kalman Filtering and its application in Estimation problems. (download report).
  7. Different projects related with Digital Image Processing using MATLAB (download report)

Note: All reports are in Pdf Format. 

M.S. Thesis
M.S. Thesis Title:                   

M.S. Thesis Supervisor:      



M.S. Thesis Committee:        


Channel Estimation in OFDM Systems 

Dr. Asrar Ul Haq Sheikh (Chair Professor,  EE KFUPM)


  1. Dr. Azzedine Zerquine  (Associate Professor, EE KFUPM).

  2. Dr. Deriche  (Associate Professor, EE KFUPM).

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