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Funded Research Projects at KUPM (Role: Co-Investigator)
Actively involved in a number of research projects funded by KFUPM and KACST.

·        Wireless Sensor Network for Monitoring Applications (in progress)

·        Software-Defined Radio Platform for Communication System Prototyping (in progress)

·        Data Security Using Smart Cards (completed)

·        RFID System for Person Identification (completed)

·        Design of a Computer Controlled 3D Antenna Alignment System (completed)

Other Project(s)
Designed and Implemented an access control application for KFUPM Smartcard LAB  using C/C++ language and Gemplus SDK. This application was capable of handling multiple smartcard readers and different types of Smartcards at the same time.
e-Learning Projects: (Role: Technical Lead  & Course Developer)

Responsibilities included designing a User Interface and a Lecture Template for course development; helping graphic designers and course developers; writing proposals and technical reports


Successfully completed projects to develop a number of EE online courses using Macromedia Authorware, Flash MX, and AT&T’s Text-to-Speech software. The prepared online lectures are enriched with multimedia elements (speech, animations) and interactivity. The developed courses are delivered using the WebCT platform.

I was involved in the development of the following EE courses:
        ·        EE 200 - Digital Logic Circuit Design
        ·        EE 201 - Electric Circuits

        ·        EE 204 - Fundamental of Electric Circuits (For Non-EE students)

        ·        EE 303 - Electronic Circuits II
        ·        EE 315 - Probabilistic Methods in Electrical Engineering
        ·        EE 380 - Control Engineering I
        ·        EE 390 - Digital Systems Engineering
Lab Development Projects:
        ·        Developed a new laboratory manual for 8086 Microprocessor  Lab (Summer ’04)
        ·        Developed a new laboratory manual for Digital Logic Design (Summer ’03)
Course Projects at University of Florida

Simulation of all steps involved in decoding a Spread Spectrum signal in both single user and multi-user environments, using Matlab


Simulation and Performance evaluation of Convolutional Codes and Block Codes for Error Correction and

Coding in a Binary Symmetric Communications channel and Gaussian Noise channel using MATLAB


Design,  simulation and layout of 16-bit SRAM using PSPICE and MAGIC


Integration of Rational Rose Model(UML) with ECAA Rules to capture more operational semantics

using Rational Rose(C++ Demo) and C++


Performance evaluation and Comparison of ATM, SMDS and Frame Relay


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