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Excel Powerpoint

EX_PP01.ppt  Functions    EX_PP02.ppt   EX_PP03.ppt

Microsoft Excel

Lab 1 Week # 1 EX1.88: ex01_Animal Housing.xls Week # 1 EX1.89: ex01_Activity By Age.xls Week # 1 EX1.90: ex01_Poverty Level.xls ex01_Forecast1.xls Week # 2 EX1.91: ex01_Entertainment Salaries.xls Week # 2 EX1.92: ex01_Pecan Groves Budget.xls
Lab 2 Week # 3 EX2.67: ex02_Adoptions.xls ex02_Cafe Sales.xls ex02_Computer Boy.jpg ex02_Computer Girl.jpg ex02_Computer.bmp Week # 3 EX2.66: ex02_Email Analysis.xls
Lab 2 ex02_Email.bmp ex02_Graduate School.xls ex02_Job Market.xls ex02_Man.wmf Week # 3 EX2.65: ex02_Money Data.xls Week # 3 EX2.68:

Week # 3 EX2.70:

Lab 2 ex02_Money.wmf ex02_Pets.wmf ex02_Soccer.wmf ex02_Volleyball.wmf ex02_Woman.wmf  
Lab 3 Week # 4 EX3.73: ex03_Animal Angels.xls ex03_Annual Forecast.xls Week # 6 EX3.77: ex03_DVD Direct.xls Week # 4 EX3.71: ex03_Ice Cream Shop.xls Week # 5 EX3.75:

ex03_Thai Tours

Week # 5 EX3.76:

ex03_Grade Report

Lab 4 ex04_ARF Contributions.xls ex04_Art Department.xls ex04_Book Ends.xls ex04_IronWorks Income.xls ex04_Revised Annual Forecast.xls ex04_Travel Analysis.xls
Lab 5 ex05_ARF Volunteers.xls ex05_ATT Sales.xls ex05_Bonus Dollars.xls ex05_Electronics Analyzer.xls ex05_Furniture Sales.xls ex05_Grades.xls
Lab 5 ex05_Loan Analysis.xls          
Lab 6 ex06_ARF Inventory.xls ex06_ATT Client List.xls ex06_Bonus Dollars Web.xls ex06_Cup.bmp ex06_Customer List.xls ex06_Customer List2.xls
Lab 6 ex06_Kodiak Database.xls ex06_LFC Database.xls ex06_Wilson Employees.xls      

Microsoft Access

Database Powerpoint

AC_PP01 modify.ppt    AC_PP02 modify.ppt   AC_PP03 modify.ppt

Note: Please download only all files (which is a zip file) to a new folder and unzip to get all files. All database (.mdb) files in the table below are not downloadable

Lab 1

All Files

ac01_Badge1.bmp ac01_WhiteDog.bmp   CA141,Excel,Access/LEcture PPTs/AC_PP02 modify.ppt        
Lab 2

All files

ac02_ARF.mdb ac02_Employees.mdb ac02_Employment Agency.mdb ac02_LearnSoft.mdb ac02_Lewis Personnel.mdb ac02_Second Time Around.mdb
Lab 3 All Files ac03_ARF3.mdb ac03_BB Ads.mdb ac03_Personnel.mdb ac03_Sensations.mdb    
Lab 4

All files

ac04_ARF.mdb ac04_ATT Clients & Agents.mdb ac04_Club Employees.mdb ac04_Five Points.mdb ac04_LearnSoft.mdb ac04_Little League.xls
  ac04_Pay.xls ac04_Prices.xls        
Lab 5 ac05_Club Employees.mdb          
Lab 6 ac06-Club Employees.mdb          

Acknowledgements:    All files from the CD ROM accompanying "Office 2003" by Tim and Linda O'Leary, McGraw Hill Hit Counter