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Research Areas of Interest

Materials, Nanomaterials,

Nanocomposites, hybride materials

Their properties characterization and applications


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Involvement in Theses/Dissertations; Students research (selected)


Student Name

Thesis Title


Mutasem Mohammad Al-Shalalfeh

Synthesis and Characterization of silver and gold based- nanoparticles and their efficiency for some drugs determination


Ihsan Budi Rachman

Synthesis of dual–purpose nano resins for sorption of toxic metal ions and organic contaminants


Faisal Abdullah Alrasheed

Carbon- based Nanomaterials for adsorptive desulfurization of selected Sulfur Compounds from Liquid Fuels

Taye Damola Shuaib

Synthesis, characterization and application of bimetallic-based nanocomposites for hydrocracking of naphthalene.

Gaddafi Ibrahim Danmaliki

Adsorptive Evaluation of Nanoparticles Loaded Carbon Derived from Used Tires

Auwal Muhammad Musa

Adsorption Evaluation of Cross-linked Polymers for Water treatment

Mohamad Omar Mohamad Wafik Alfawakhiry

Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic application of nanostructured tungsten oxide/graphene nanocomposites

Adamu Aminu Idris

Electrochemical Behaviour and Application of Phosphorus Modified Zeolite Carbon Paste Electrodes.

Abdulmujeeb Toluwase Onawole

Quantum Chemical And Spectroscopic Studies Of Clotrimazole And Resorcinol

Kabiru Haruna

Conformational and Spectroscopic Properties of Halo-substituted Anilines: Experimental and Computational Study

Nadir Mohammed Osman

Removal of some heavy metals using a resin prepared by free radical polymerization of grafted date-oalm-wood copolymer with different vinyl monomers

Adekolapo Adeniran Adesida

Synthesis and Characterization of Graphitic Carbon Nitride Based Nano Structured Composites

Ismail Abdulazeez

Development, Characterization and Electrochemical Behavior of La and Ce Incrporated Zeolite Modified Electrodes.


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