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Dr. Abdulaziz A. Suwaiyan - Teaching

Graduate Courses Taught @ KFUPM

  • Chem 510 - Advanced Physical Chemistry
  • Chem 526 - Physical Methods in Inorganic Chemistry
  • Chem 598 - Graduate Seminar I
  • Chem 698 - Advanced Graduate Seminar I

I've also taught the Advanced Physical Chemistry cours at the KFUPM Girls College in Dammam.

Undergraduate Courses Taught @ KFUPM

  • Chem 301 - Physical Chemistry I (revised in the new curriculum)
  • Chem 302 - Physical Chemistry II (revised in the new curriculum)
  • Chem 212 - Physical Chemistry I
  • Chem 311 - Physical Chemistry II
  • Chem 312 - Physical Chemistry III

Undergraduate Elective Courses Taught @ KFUPM

  • Chem 401 - Special Topics (Photochemistry)
  • Chem 475 - Introduction to Molecular Spectroscopy

Other Undergraduate Courses Taught @ KFUPM

  • Chem 409 - Seminar
  • Chem 411 - Chemistry senior Project I
  • Chem 412 - Chemistry senior Project II

I have also been involved in the evaluation of several reports and presentations of Chem 351 (Summer training).

General Chemistry Courses Taught @ KFUPM

  • Chem 101 - General Chemistry I (Small Lecture Format  & Large Lecture Format)
  • Chem 102 - General Chemistry II (Small Lecture Format & Large Lecture Format)

Course Development @ KFUPM

Independently developed a new course entitled "Photochemistry" which is offered as an elective course. In addition, participated with the physical chemistry group in developing the physical chemistry courses in the new curriculum including the physical chemistry laboratory experiments, where new experiments were introduced, tested, written, and taught.

Laboratory Development @ KFUPM

Member of the Laser Development Group who planned and established the laser facility of KFUPM. Member of the Molecular Dynamics Group of the Laser research Laboratory.

Member of the group selected by the University to plan for the research facility of the ministry of defense. In this capacity, I was in charge of planning for the chemistry laboratories.

I have initiated the idea of the Industrial Chemistry Laboratory and supervised the implementation of the idea during the first phase. With the supervision of Dr. Al-Arfaj (Chairman of the Chemistry Department, the laboratory has now been established, experiments developed, and a new laboratory course will be added to the industrial chemistry curriculum).

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