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Dr. Abdulaziz A. Suwaiyan - Research

Research Interests

  1. UV spectroscopy of large molecules in partially oriented media, e.g. stretched films.

  2. Vibrational spectroscopy of organic molecules.

  3. Molecular dynamics in solution.

  4. Ultra fast reactions and processes.

  5. High resolution spectroscopy of small molecules.

  6. Incineration of hazardous chemical waste.

Funded Projects

  1. Co-Investigator in the KFUPM approved research project number CY/DYELASER/80. Title is "Study of Picosecond Rotational Diffusion by Dye Laser Pulse Spectrometry and Phasefluorimetry".

  2. Co-Investigator in the approved KACST research project number AR-7-156. Title is "Molecular approach to Laminar-Turbulent Transition of Flows by Laser Techniques". This project was the first User's project in the Laser Research Laboratory

Master Theses Committees

  1. Member of the M.Sc. committee of Mr. A. Al-Bar. Title of thesis: " On The Activation of Heterogeneous Catalysts by IR Laser Radiation", KFUPM, Chemistry Department, 1986.

  2. Member of the M.Sc committee of Mr. M. Habibur Rahman. Title of thesis: " EPR Studies of Anisotropic Rotational Reorientation and Slow Tumbling in Liquids and Frozen Media ", KFUPM, Chemistry Department, 1988.

  3. Member of the M. Sc. committee of Mr. H. O. Al-Turabi. Title of thesis : " EPR Study of Vanadyl Complexes with Schiff Bases Derived from S-Methyl-carbodithioato-Hydrazine", KFUPM, Chemistry Department, 1992.

  4. Member of the M. Sc. committee of Mr. H. M. Abdulkadeer  Dastageer, "Laser Spectroscopy of 3A2 Æ 1A1 phosphorescence of sulfur dioxide", KFUPM, Physics Department, 1993.

  5. Chairman of the M. Sc. committee of Mr. A. M. Abdallah. Title of thesis : "The effect of pH and Solvent  on the Photophysics of Thymine", KFUPM, Chemistry Department, 1995.

  6. Member of the M. Sc. committee of Mrs. A. Al-Arfaj. Title of thesis : "Studies on the Behaviour of Some Mordant Dyes in Different Solutions", Girls College-Dammam,  1996.

PhD Theses Committees

  1. Member of the PhD thesis of Mr. M. A. Morsy. Title of thesis : " Electron Spin Resonance Studies of Solute-Solvent Interaction in Liquid-Crystalline Solvents", KFUPM, Chemistry Department, 1993.

  2. Chairman of the PhD thesis of Mr. Maung Than Htun. Title of thesis : " Excited State Reaction Kinetics of 4-Hydroxy-1-Naphthalenesuphonate in Various Alcohol-Water Mixtures", KFUPM, Chemistry Department, 1994.

  3. Chairman of the PhD thesis of Mr. Pasl Abdelalil. Topic of thesis : "Incineration of Hazardous Chemical Waste, KFUPM, Chemistry Department, 1997-.


  1. Uwe K. A. Klein, J. N. Mastromarino, and A. Suwaiyan, "Utilization of a Modulated Laser Beam in Heterodyne interferometry", US patent number US005293213A, 1994.

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