Undergraduate Courses taught at KFUPM:

  1. General Chemistry I (CHEM-101)

  2. Organic Chemistry I (CHEM-201)

  3. Organic Chemistry II (CHEM-202)

  4. Spectroscopic and Qualitative Organic Chemistry (CHEM-303)

  5. Spectroscopic Identification of Organic Compounds (CHEM-406)

  6. Synthetic Organic Chemistry (CHEM-403)

  7. Chemistry Seminar (CHEM-479)


Graduate Courses taught at KFUPM:

  1. Spectroscopic Identification of Organic Compounds (CHEM-536)

  2. Advanced Organic Chemistry (CHEM-530)

  3. Synthetic Organic Chemistry (CHEM-532)

  4. Directed Research Courses CHEM-606, CHEM-701 and CHEM-702


MS/Ph.D Dissertation Supervision / Committee Member:

  1. Advisor MS student, M. K. Arafeh, Thesis Tile: “Synthesis of Lamellarins and Related Natural Products”, completed in 2009.

  2. Advisor MS student, S. A. Haladu, Thesis Tile: “Total Synthesis of Bioactive Natural Products”, completed in 2010.

  3. Advisor MS student, A. A. Q. Al-Shaheri, Thesis Tile: “Synthesis of New 4-Aryl-1-(Biarylmethylene)-piperidine ligands, structurally related to SLV-313”, completed in 2012.

  4. Committee Member MS student, S. A. Ganiyu, Thesis Tile: “Carbon Nanostructure Crown on 3-D Solid Structures for dry reforming of methane”, completed in 2013.

  5. Committee Member Ph.D student, I.W. Kazi, Thesis Tile: “Synthesis and Application of Some Ionic Polymers as Antiscalants and Components for Aqueous Two-Phase System”, completed in 2013.

  6. Committee Member Ph.D student, K.S.M. El-Karsani, Thesis Tile: “Development of a New Cost-Effective Polymer gel for Water Control in Oil and Gas Wells”, completed in 2013.

  7. Advisor MS student, A.O. Ba-Salem, Thesis Tile: “Synthesis of Arylpiperazinyl Analogues of Chelate Gd(III)-DPTA for MRI Applications”, completed in 2015.

  8. Committee Member MS student, A. Tanimu, Thesis Tile:Design of Sol-Gel Metal Oxide Thin Film Catalyst support for Capillary Microreactor”, completed in 2015.

  9. Committee Member MS student, A. A. Idris, Thesis Tile: “Electrochemical Behavior and Application of Phosphorus Modified Zeolite Carbon Paste Electrodes”, completed in 2015.

  10. Committee Member MS student, Abdulazeez Ismail, Thesis Tile: “Development, Characterization and Electrochemical Behavior of La and Ce Incorporated Zeolite Modified Electrode (ZME)”, completed in 2015.

  11. Committee Member MS student, T. Mashreki, Thesis Tile: “Synthesis of Pyrene-functionalized Silica Nanomaterial for the Detection of Mercury”, completed in 2015.

  12. Committee Member MS student, A.A.M. Ibrahim, Thesis Tile: “Fabrication of Hetero-structured Metal Oxide Nanoarrays and their Characterization for Hydrogen Production Applications”, completed in 2016.

  13. Committee Member Ph.D student, S.A. Poopola, Thesis Tile: “Experimental and Computational Study of the Structural Properties, Infrared and Raman Characteristics and Catalytic Activity of Some Rhodium- and Iridium-Based Complexes”, completed in 2016.

  14. Committee Member Ph.D student, M. Sajid, Thesis Tile: “Screening of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds in Biological Samples and their Accumulation Patterns”, completed in 2016.

  15. Advisor MS student, Y. Abbas, Thesis Tile: “Synthesis of Mafaicheenamine A and a Tyrosine Derivative, two Naturally Occurring Antitumor Agents”, completed in 2016.

  16. Committee Member MS student, O. F. Bsharat, Thesis Tile: “Effect of mutations of Thermoanaerobacter ethanolicus secondary alcohol dehydrogenase at tryptophan-110 on enantioselectivity of reduction of phenyl–ring-containing ketones”, completed in 2016.

  17. Committee Member Ph.D student, Z. A. Jamiu, Thesis Tile: Multilayered Polyelectrolyte-coated Silica for the Removal of Toxic Metal Ions and Organic Contaminants: A Novel Protocol”, completed in 2017.

  18. Advisor Ph.D student, M. Mansha, Thesis Tile: “Development of Pyrazole-based GGtase-1 Inhibitors, Potential Anti-cancer Drug Targets”, completed in 2017.

  19. Advisor MS student, A. T. Onawole, Thesis Tile: “Conformational, vibrational and molecular docking analysis of the anti-fungal clotrimazole drug: Experimental and computational study”, completed in 2017.

  20. Committee Member Ph.D student, M. Alhaffar, Thesis Tile: “Synthesis of Bio-inspired Block Polyelectrolytes for the formation of Coacervates”, completed in 2018.

  21. Committee Member Ph.D student, Ibrahim Khan, Thesis Tile: “The Design of Visible-light Driven Hybrid Metal Oxide Nano-arrays for   Energy harvesting applications”, completed in 2018.

  22. Advisor Ph.D student, Abdul Waheed, Thesis Tile: “The Design of Terbium-Based Chemosensors for the Selective Detection of Zinc Ions”, completed in 2019.

  23. Committee Member MS student, M. Tajudeen Abdullahi, Thesis Title: “Synthesis of surface functionalized Au/Cu2O, AuCu/Cu2O hybrid nanoparticle for photocatalytic application”, completed in 2019.

  24. Committee Member MS student, Mohammed K. Aldahdooh, Thesis Tile: Synthesis and application of cyclopolymers containing chelating motifs of b-ethylaminoiminodiacetic acid”, completed in 2020.

  25. Advisor PhD student, Tauqir Ahmed, Thesis Tile: “The development of DPA based chemosensors for the selective detection of zinc Ions”, in progress

  26. Advisor MS student, Ms Bushra, Thesis Tile: “Synthesis of Indazole Derivatives and Evaluation of their Bioactivities”, in progress

  27. Advisor PhD student, Shahbaz Shamim, Thesis Tile: “Biology-Oriented Drug Synthesis (BIODS) of Fluoroquinolone, Triazine Deratives and their Diversified Bioactivities”, in progress

  28. Advisor PhD student, Muhammad Ashraf, Thesis Tile: Photoreforming of Synthetic Organic Polymers and Raw Biomass into Fuel and Feedstock Chemicals”, in progress

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