The language of instruction at KFUPM is English. The academic system follows the American semester system. One semester is a 15 week term.

  • General Chemistry, CHEM-101 at KFUPM - KSA

  • Inorganic Chemistry CHEM-331 & 332 at KFUPM – KSA

  • Advanced Chemistry of Coordination compounds, CHEM-521 at KFUPM - KSA

  • Organometallic Chemistry, CHEM-522 at KFUPM - KSA

  • Chemical Crystallography, CHEM-523 at KFUPM - KSA

  • Physical Methods in Inorganic Chemistry, CHEM-526 at KFUPM - KSA

       Other Teaching activities

  • 1999-2001: Coordinator of the course: General chemistry I (a multisection course (~ 400 students)).

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