Research Interests

  • Coordination Chemistry as a tool for the design of molecular compounds with interesting physical and chemical properties

  • Catalysis

  • Single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis, study of the structure-properties correlation

Research Impact

  • 1003 citations, excluding self citations. (Scopus, 20 December 2014) h index = 18

Ph.D. Thesis Supervision at KFUPM - KSA

  • Ahsan Shemsi, "New Group 10 metal complexes based on ligands bearing nitroxide radicals". (2007)

  • Atif Fazal, "Synthesis and Characterization of New Binuclear Cu(I) Complexes. Catalytic Applications in the Coupling of Phenylacetylene with halobenzene". (2010)

List of Funded Research Projects at KFUPM

  • Synthesis and characterization of new Magnetic Metallopolypyrroles, funded by (SABIC). End date: November 2000. Role: PI

  • Palladium-heteropolyacids catalysed assymetric hydrocarboxylation of Styrene Derivatives. Catalytic synthesis of Ibuprofen and Naproxen, funded by (KFUPM). End date: August 2002. Role: CI

  • Hydroformylation and acetalization reactions using the catalytic conversion of Alkenes into Aldehydes and Acetals, funded by (KACST). End date: April 2003. Role: CI

  • New group 10 metals complexes based on chelate ligands bearing nitroxide radicals. Magnetic properties and catalytic performance in oxidation reactions of alcohols, funded by (KFUPM). End date: February 2009. Role: PI

PI : Principal Investigator ; CI : Co-Investigator

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