Mr. Mohammed Sanhoob

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CHE 309: Chemical Engineering Laboratory I

This laboratory emphasizes concepts presented in the transport phenomena courses. A safety session is given at the commencement of the course. Safe practices are strictly adhered to throughout the course. Students carry out selected experiments in fluid mechanics, heat transfer, thermodynamics and diffusional mass transfer. Data collected are analyzed and compared to applicable theories. 

Prerequisites: CHE 300, ENGL 214

Corequisites:​ CHE 304

  1. Apply Bernoulli’s Equation with application on head losses in pipes, fittings, valves and pumps.

  2. Demonstrate flow through packed beds and its hydrodynamics.

  • Demonstrate and practice different modes of heat transfer including conduction, convection and radiation.

  • Illustrate different types of heat exchangers and different modes of operation, countercurrent, concurrent and cross flow.

  • Identify different diffusion mechanisms, including application of solid diffusion in a liquid, diffusion of a gas in a gas and diffusion of a gas in liquid including calculation of theoretical and experimental diffusion coefficients.

  • Define number of transfer units and height equivalent to a theoretical height and apply in estimation of packed column height.

I taught CHE 309 course several times as following:

Semester Number of sections
162 2
171 1
172 1