Courses taught at Zagazig University ( Egypt):

  • Construction Project Management

  • Construction Equipment and Methods

  • Construction Contracts & Laws

  • Engineering Economics

  • Construction Productivity

  • Value Engineering

  • Building Construction

Courses taught at Arab Academy of Science Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT, Egypt):

  • Construction Project scheduling

  • Construction Contracts & Laws

Courses taught at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM) Saudi Arabia (English media of teaching)

  • Construction Estimating (CEM511)

  • Construction Equipment & Methods (CEM530)

  • Construction Planning and Scheduling (CEM510)

  • Project Quality Management (CEM515)

Authoring Books:

  • Elazouni, A: Construction Project Management, College of Technology at Abha, Abha, Saudi Arabia, 2003 . (Written in Arabic languge)

Developing On-line course:

  • Bubshait, A; Jalaludin, M.; and Elazouni, A. Development of CEM 520 "Construction contracting and administration" online course.

Supervising Students:

Ph.D. Dissertations:

  • Wahid Amer, Zagazig University, 2002, Expert system for diagnosing Delay’s Problems in Construction Projects in Egypt.

  • Amal Ali, Zagazig University, 2002, Estimating the acceptability of new Formwork Systems in Construction Using Neural Networks.

  • Fikry Metwally, Benha Higher Institute of Technology, 2003, Finance-based Scheduling of construction projects using Genetic Algorithms.

  • Mohammed El-Abbasi, Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering Department, Concordia University, “Financing Construction projects”.

Masters of Science Theses:

  • Fikry Metwally, El-Munoufia University, 1999, A Decision-Support System for Subcontracting Construction Works.

  • Ahmed El-Yamany, Zagazig University, 2005, Performance Evaluation Model for Construction Contacting Companies.

  • Mubashir Ali, KFUPM, MSc thesis titled "Finance-based scheduling of Repetitive projects" the status is ongoing.

  • Anas Algazi, System Eng. Dept, KFUPM, 2009, "Finance based scheduling of activity networks".  

  • Marwa Ahmed, Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering Department, Concordia University, “Assessment of activities’ criticality in stochastic finance-based scheduling”.

Masters of Engineering reports:

  • Saad Al-Shahrani, ME report titled "Assessment of the impact of Rewarding program on labor productivity.", 2007  

  • Ajish Nalakath, ME report titled "Critical Success Factors for GES Consutants in Saudi Arabia.", 2008.  

  • AbdulKader Jeelani, ME report titled " Evaluation of performance of design-bid- build projects using agency construction management in Saudi Arabia", 2008.  

  • Fuad Al-Rehaili, ME report titled "Using structural insulated panels in residential projects-case study", 2009.  

  • Ali Jaroudi, ME report titled "Finance-based scheduling-Literature review", 2009.  

  • Hani Al-mofarij, ME report titled "Construction delays in utility projects in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia", 2009.  

  • Ali Al-Qureisha, ME report titled "Contractor pre-qualification and selection-Literature review," 2009.  

  • Mohammed Alsaqar, ME report titled "Designers' and general contractors' perceptions of using pre-cast construction techniques in Saudi Arabia," 2010.  

  • Muhammad Al-Yamani, ME report titled "Construction project delays due to world financial crisis and cost under-estimation: Case study," 2010.  

  • Abdullah Abuzaid, ME report titled "The effects of physical workplace environment on workers' performance," 2010.  

  • Nasser Al-gahtani, ME report titled "Evaluation of Contractor Performance using Financial Ratios: Case study," 2010.


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