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Mir Sabeer Hamid


Department of Architectural Engineering

College of Environmental Design

King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Dhahran            Saudi Arabia 31261

P.O. Box 1153

Tel: (0ff) +966-3-8601907

E-mail: sabeer@kfupm.edu.sa




Career Goals & Objectives

To make significant contributions to the development and dissemination of knowledge in the field of Architecture through research, consultation, teaching and continuing education.


Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy of teaching asserts that students are entitled to quality  instruction in an active and stimulating learning environment. Students should  experience frequent and repeated opportunities to act, react, and interact with each other and the instructor. In order to teach effectively and transfer knowledge to students, I create a congenial environment that is interactive and  collaborative and that promotes problem-solving and critical thinking skills.  Such environment accommodates a variety of learning styles and encourages students to present their opinions while respecting the opinions of others. In  this manner the students benefit from peer to peer learning, taking responsibility  for their own learning and, therefore, enhance the integration of the knowledge into practice. Thus, I endeavor to make my classroom an arena for students to  learn skills and demonstrate outcomes.

I develop assignments that improve student’s problem-solving and critical  thinking skills, and formulate small-group work/discussions both to actively  involve the students in self learning as well as to improve their critical thinking skills. My teaching philosophy relies on the process of instilling the  concepts and necessary skills for life-long learning, in addition to team participation. The students ultimately leave the protective environment of the  ‘educational system’ to enter society as, hopefully, a contributing entity. As an educator, my goal is to share this process, focusing on subject matter in my area of expertise, using the latest teaching tools available. I strive to  personally model this using my professional experience, and continuously seek new methods of processing and presentation.






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