Dr. Ahmed Z. Al-Garni WEBPAGE


·        Received King Abdulaziz Al-Saud Legion of Honor for the Excellent Degree for Scientific Patent, from the Custodian of Two Holy Mosques, Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz 1427H  (2006G).


·        Received King Abdul Aziz Al-Saud  Legion of Honor Medal for the first degree for Scientific patent, based on the Royal Directive Decision, by the Custodian of Two Holy Mosques, 1425H (2004G)


·        Received appreciation/letter of appreciation from many leading personalities (e.g., H.R.H. Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz, H.R.H. Prince Abdulmajid Bin Abdul Aziz and H.R.H. Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz).


·        Received Distinguished Engineering Scientist Award Patronized by H.R.H. Prince Ahmad Bin Abdul Aziz in 1424H (2003G). The award was supervised by KACST. (The first in KSA to receive this award).


·        Received Three Awards for Scientific Patents from KFUPM for “Movable Surface Plane” on Wing, US Patent KFUPM 1425 H (2004 G) and “Hybrid Cooling System and Method for Cooling Electronic Devices” 1427H (2006G), and “A Submarine for Water Purification,” 1428H (2007G).


·        More Patents are submitted to American Patent and Trademark Office 1427H (2006G).


·        Received Award for Distinguished in Teaching & Academic Advising in KFUPM, 1425H (2004G).


·        Received the Distinguished Researcher Award from the King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, academic year 1418-1419H (1998-1999G).


·        Received Distinguished evaluation for the overall performance (in teaching, research, and community service) for all the years at KFUPM, since 1412-1413H (1992-1993G) to present.


·        Received Certificate in appreciation of twenty years of service to KFUPM, 1425H(2004G).


·        One of a small group in the world to publish in 5 out of 6 Journals of AIAA (the most prestigious institution in the world for AE). Published/submitted about 100 papers in international Journals and Conferences.


·        Appointed/Elected to leading positions related to AE field at KFUPM, such as, the first chairman of Aerospace Engineering department, first Director of Aerospace Engineering Program, Aero-Lab Director, Aerospace Engineering Program Committee Chairman, Aerospace Group Coordinator, first coordinator for Aeronautics Group, since 1412-1413H (1992-1993G)-present.


·        Appointed on the Editorial Advisory Board for the Civil Aviation Magazine, issued by the Ministry of Defense & Aviation, KSA, 1418 H (1998 G)-present.


·        Listed in the leading biographies, such as 5th Edition of Who’s Who in Science and Engineering; 16th and 17th Editions of Who’s Who in the World; 6th Edition of ABI International Directory of Distinguished Leadership.


·        Established a national and international recognition in the AE field, such as, received many invitations to give speeches; consultation at many occasions, review research papers for AIAA and ASME and others; chosen by the American People-to-People Program from the region as a member of an International Aerospace Engineering Education Delegation to visit Russian Aerospace Program, and received many plaques and certificates and letters of appreciation (from KFUPM, Ministry of Higher Education, RSAF, Saudi Arabia Airlines, and others), since 1412 (1991)-present. Established the first AE program and Department in the region.


·        J. H. School and H. School Honors, 1390-1395 H (1970-1975 G); and B.S. Honors, the University of Arizona Honors, 1401 (1981).