PHYS215 -  Term 042

First Major Exam Results


Ali Muhammad Al-Shukri


  Assistant Professor,

  Chairman, Department of Physics

اضغط هنا للانتقال إلى صفحة ظاهرتا الخسوف والكسوف التابعة لوكالة ناسا للفضاء والطيران

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 King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Box # 378
 Dhahran 31261
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

 Office Location: Building #: 6 , Office 110  (or  Build. # 6 , Office #: 226)





Courses Teaching in 042: PHYS 215


 (Off)  860-2255  or  860-3573         (Res) 882-0034



 Fax: 860-2293









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  Department of Physics



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 Courses Teaching in 042:


PHYS 215



 Predication of the Start and the End of the HolyMonth

 of Ramadhan 1425 H

 (عربي / English)

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                      Apparent disk of the Moon for Today



 The Map of Total Solar Eclipse Paths (2001 to 2025)

 The Map of Annular Solar Eclipse Paths (2001 to 2025)

Total Lunar Eclipse on  28 October 2004 ENGLISH (Click for more information) عربي


Leonid Meteor Shower

Geminid Meteor Shower 

Planet Mars: Reached its closest approach to the Earth on 27 August 2003

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