Dr. Ali Mohammad Al-Shukri’s CV




Contact Data


                          ALI  MOHAMMAD  AL-SHUKRI


Home Address

Business Address



 Green Belt, 29TH Steet

 Al-Khobar 31951, Saudi Arabia


 Physics Department, KFUPM BOX # 378

 Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia



 Telephone Number: 882-0034


 Telephone Number: 860-3573





 Fax: 860-2293




Personal Data

 Date of Birth:  19/8/1952  G.

                           29/11/1371 H.           

 Marital Status: Married



 Place of Birth: Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

 Number of Children:  (4 childern)

                                      Three daughters and one son.





Employment History

Present Employer

 Present Employer (Department Organization):  KFUPM



 Title:  Chairman                                                  Occupation: Chairman, Physics Department



 From:  15 Jamadi II 1423 H.  (24 August, 2002)



 Title:  Assistant Professor                                   Occupation: University Instructor



 From: Safar 1412 H.  (August, 1991)




Previous Employer

 Previous Employer: KFUPM


 Title: Graduate Assistant                                    Occupation: Lab Instructor


 Dates of Employment:

  From:  Shaaban 1397  H (August 1977)          To:  Ramadhan 1399 H (August 1979) 




Free Consultation: Astronomy related issues (2000 – present)

Prince Sultan Bin AbdulAziz Science and Techology Center, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia




Educational Data

Academic History: (Highest Degree First)





Name of Institution

Major Field of Study

Miner Field of Study





Georgia State University


Speckle Interferometry





University Of South Carolina


Condensed Matter








Saudi Arabia


Vocational/ Technical Training:


Name of Certificate


Name of Institution

Study Area



Effective College Teaching



Effective College Teaching in a Non-native English-Speaking Environment

Saudi Arabia


Computers in Teaching Science


Al-Ain  University

Applying Computer Technology in Teaching Physics

United Arab Emirates


Design of Optical Thin Films


SPIE Short courses, SAndiago, USA

Practical Design and Production of Optical Thin Films, by Ronald Willey



Striving for Excellence in University Teaching and Learning



Striving for Excellence in University Teaching and Learning

Saudi Arabia


Using Web CD in Developing Online Courses



Introduction to and Using Web- CT in Developing Online Courses

Saudi Arabia








Contribution and Participation in Other Programs





Name of Institution




Physics for High School Lab Technitian


Saad Private School, Al-Khbar, Saudi Arabia

Instructor/ Lecturer



Physics for High School Male and Female  Teachers

2001, 2002, 2003

KFUPM, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Instructor/ Lecturer



Special Summer Program for Gifted Students

2001, 2002, 2003

KFUPM, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Vice Presedent and Project Instructor and Coordinator



Current Specialization: Astrometrical detection of substellar objects, Optical Properties of Thin Films.


Special Skills/ Interests:

          a) Application of Speckle Interferometry to binary and multiple .

          b) Astrometrical detection of planetary systems around double stars.

          c) Astrometrical detection of Brown Dwarfs.

          d) Prayer times and direction of Qibla.

          e) Mossbaur Effect.

          f) Electrical Properties of Glasses.

          g) Optical Properties of Thin Films and Heat Mirrors.

          h)  Radon Gas Detection using Nuclear Track Detectors



Professional and Organization Membership: Former Member of the American Physical Society; Former Member of the Astronomical Society of Pacific, Member of the Planetary Society. Member of the Saudi Physical Society.


Published Papers:


1.         Al-Shukri, A.M. and Cathey, L., "Mössbaur resonance measurements of some ceramic sherds", APS southeastern section 5th Meeting, USC, Columbia, SC, 3-5 Nov., BC9, 17, 1983.


2.         Al-Shukri, A.M., McAlister, H.A., Hartkopf, W.H., Hutter, D.J., and Frans, O.G., “ICCD speckle observations of binary stars”, Astron. J., VIII, No. 1, pp. 393-407, 1996.


3.         Al-Shukri, A. M., Khattak, G. D., and Salim, M. A., “Electrical conductivity of molybdenum phosphate (MoO3:P2O5) glasses”, J. Matt. Sci., 35, 123-126, 2000.


4.         Khawaja, E.E., Durrani, S.M.A, and Al-Shukri, A.M., “Determination of the optical constants of thin metal films”, Thin Solid Films, 358, 166-171, 2000.


5.         Durrani, S.M.A, Khawaja, E.E., and Al-Shukri, A.M., “Density of Thin Films of Cadmium Sulphide by Nuclear Backscattering”, AJSE, 25, 2A, 89-94, 2000.


6.         Durrani, S.M.A, Khawaja, E.E., Al-Shukri, A.M., and Iob, A., “The optical constants of Zinc Sulfide films Determined from Transmitance Measurements”, Thin Solid Films, 379, 199, 2000.


7.         Durrani, S.M.A, Khawaja, E.E., Al-Kuhaili, M. F., and Al-Shukri, A.M., “Effect of preparation conditions on the optical and thermochromic properties of thin films of tungsten oxide”, Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells, 71, 313-325, 2002.


8.         Al-Jarallah, M.I., Fazal-ur-Rehman, Abu-Jarad, F., Al-Shukri, A.M., " Indoor Radon Measurements in Dwellings of Four Saudi Arabian Cities", Radiat. Meas., 36, 445-445, 2003.


9.         El Ghandoor, H, Nasser, Ibraheem, Abdel-Hady, Afaf, and Al-Shukri, A., “A comparative study of spliced optical fibers”, Opt Laser Eng, 41, 277-267, 2004.


10.     Abu-Jarad, F., Fazal-ur-Rehman, Al-Jarallah, M.I., Al-Shukri, A.M., " Indoor Radon Survey in Dwellings of Nine Cities in the Eastern and Western Provinces of Saudi Arabian Cities", Radiat. Prot. Dosim. 106(3), 227-232, 2003.


11.     Durrani, S.M.A, Khawaja, E.E., Al-Shukri, A.M., and Al-Kuhaili, M. F., “Effect of preparation conditions on the optical and thermochromic properties of thin films of tungsten oxide”, Energy and Buildings, 36, 891-898, 2004.


12.     Khattak, G.D, Mekki, A., Al-Shukri, A.M., " X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study of Copper Tellurite Glasses", Physica Scripta. 70, 187-192, 2004.


Papers and Posters Presented At Conferences:


1.         Al-Shukri, A.M., El-Ghandoor, H., Al-Jarallah, M. I., H., Abu-Jarad, F., Abdel-Hadi, A., and Farhat, M., “Interferometric Investigation of the Effect of High g-Doses on the Refractive Index of Nuclear Track Detectors”, 1st Saudi Science Conference at KFUPM, Phys 53 (poster), April 9-11, 2001.


2.         Khawaja, E.E., Durrani, S.M.A, Al-kuhaili, M.F., and Al-Shukri, A.M., “Optically switchable thin solid films, 1st Saudi Science Conference at KFUPM, Phys 27, April 9-11, 2001.


3.         Durrani, S.M.A, Al-kuhaili, M.F., Al-Shukri, A.M., and Khawaja, E.E., “Thin Film Sensors”, 1st Saudi Science Conference at KFUPM, Phys 28 (poster), April 9-11, 2001.


4.         Al-Shukri, A.M., Durrani, S.M.A, Al-Kuhaili, M. F., and Khawaja, E.E, “Some Energy-Saving Applications of Thin Solid Films”, 1st Saudi Science Conference at KFUPM, Phys 29 (poster), April 9-11, 2001.


5.         El Ghandoor, H, Nasser, Ibraheem, Abd-El Rahman, M., and Al-Shukri, A.M., “Transverse interference pattern for the examination of spliced optical fibers”, 46th SPIE Proceedings, Volume 4436, pp. 205-212, 2001


6.         El Ghandoor, H, Behery, G.M, Nasser, Ibraheem, Al-Shukri, A.M., and Abd-El Rahman, M., “Transverse interference pattern for the examination of spliced optical fibers (In Transmission and at Reflection)”, ATTCE 2001 Proceedings, Volume 4, pp. 159-165, 2001


7.         Abu-Jarad, F., Al-Jarallah, M.I., Fazal-ur-Rehman, Al-Shukri, A.M., "First Phase of Indoor Radon Survey in Dwellings of Seven Cities of Saudi Arabia", 21st International Conference on Nuclear Tracks in Solids, New Delhi, India, October 21, 2002.


8.         M.I. Al-Jarallah, Fazal-ur-Rehman, F. Abu-Jarad, A.M. Al-Shukri, " Indoor radon survey in dwellings of seven Cities of Saudi Arabian", 21st International Conference on Nuclear Trucks in Solids, India, Oct. 21-25, 2002


9.         G.D. Khattak, A. Mekki, M.A. Al-Shukri, " XPS Studies of Copper Tellurite Glasses", First International Meeting on Applied Physics (APHYS 2003), Badajoz (Spain), 14 – 18 Oct, 2003.