A number of books and draft books have been written both in English and in Arabic. They include the following: (In English):

Articles in the area of WTO Law include:


Specialized Column of Alanbaa Economic Supplement:2003-2005:Sixty Articles Including the following:

  • Agreement on Import Licensing Procedures.
  • Relevant Panels Settlement of Disputes (Actually Decided on Cases).
  • Commercial Aspects of Intellectual Property (TRIPS).
  • Panels Interpretation and Application of Article 13 of the GATT.
  • International Panels and GATT Principles of Anti-Dumping.
  • Article 3 of the GATT as Interpreted and Applied by Relevant International Panels.
  • Restrictive Measures under Article 11 of the GATT.
  • Most-favored Nation Treatment under the GATT.
  • Most-Favored-Nation Treatment under the GATT.
  • Liberalization of International Trade in Services.
  • Rules Governing the Application of New Preventive Measures.
  • The WTO General Council Decision Pertaining to Doha Agenda: “The July Package”.
  • Basics of Financial Services under the WTO Services Agreement.
  • GATT Provisions Pertaining to State Trading Enterprises.
  • Agreement on Trade Review Mechanism.
  • Drugs Patents and the Requirements of Public Health: The Position under the TRIPS Agreement as Consolidated and Clarified by the Doha Declaration.
  • International Provisions Dealing with Industrial Designs.
  • Freedom of Transit under the GATT 1994.