Careers in Marketing


Welcome to Careers In Marketing! This site is designed to help you find a rewarding and interesting job in the world of marketing. You will find some of the best info on the 'net on careers in fields like retailing, product management and market research. You will also find links to quite a few other site links, firm listings and recommended books. Good luck!

Areas to Explore

·         Advertising & Public Relations

·         Market Research

·         Non-Profit

·         Product Management

·         Retailing


Recommended Books on Jobs in Marketing


·         So You Want to be a Brand Manager: The Essential Guide. From WetFeet.

·         Harvard Business School Guide to Careers in Marketing.

·         Real People Working in Sales and Marketing. By Blythe Camenson and Jan Goldberg, VGM


Career Horizons.

·         Careers in Marketing. VGM Career Horizons

·         Opportunities in Marketing Careers. VGM Career Horizons

·         Anyone Can be in Advertising: It Beats Working for a Living.

·         Medical and Pharmaceutical Sales: How to Land the Job of Your Dreams.

·         Wow! Resumes for Sales and Marketing Careers: How to Put Together a Winning Resume.

·         Better Resumes for Sales and Marketing Personnel. By Adele Lewis and Gene Corwin.

·         Nike, Inc.: The Insider's Guide


Other Career Sites Focused on Marketing


·         Advertising Age - Job Bank

·         American Marketing Association - Job Listings

·         Career Network - Adweek / Brandweek

·         Careers in Marketing. Courtesy of CalPoly.

·         Careers in Marketing. Courtesy of Northern Illinois University.

·         Careers in Retailing. Courtesy of the National Retailing Federation.

·         Direct Marketing World Job Center

·         KnowThis: Marketing Jobs Information

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·         Marketing Jobs

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·         WetFeet.Com