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Non-Profit: Overview


Business careers don't have to involve high-stress management, financial finagling or marketing a product you don't like. If you'd rather not flog Cheetos; if you're looking for something that's a little more meaningful, then the field of non-profit may be just for you. Non-profit organizations along with other non-business functions such as governments account for over 20% of the economic activity in the United States. This is a large sector with opportunities you shouldn't overlook. One of the most interesting aspects of non-profit careers is the experience you will gain early on. The non-profit career can require the individual to perform all functions found in other marketing careers. The opportunity to make "traditional" marketing decisions at an early age intrigue and draw many individuals to the non-profit field. Non-profit is your chance to make a difference. A real chance to contribute to society and grow while your at it.

Best Resources on Non-Profit Careers

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