Systems Engineering   (SE)




Advanced Courses offering in Systems Engineering   (SE) :



SE-301 Numerical Methods (3-0-3)

Roots of nonlinear equations. Solution of systems of linear and nonlinear algebraic equations. Numerical differentiation and integration. Interpolation, extrapolation, and approximation. Least-squares approximation and regression analysis. Numerical solution of ordinary differential equations. Introduction to error analysis. Engineering case studies.


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SE-303 Operations Research I (3-3-4)

New description : Modeling in Operations Research. Linear Programming : Simplex Method, Duality, Sensitivity Analysis. Network Models : Shortest Path, PERT/CPM, Maximum Flow Problems, Transportation and Assignment Problems. Elements of Queuing Models. Case Studies.


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SE-305 Optimization Methods (2-3-3)

Unconstrained optimization; necessary and sufficient conditions for unconstrained minima. Derivative-free algorithm. The steepest descent and Newton algorithms. Conjugate gradient and quasi-Newton methods. Constrained optimization: Karush-Kuhn-Tucker conditions for optimality, algorithms for constrained optimization including SUMT, approximation and methods of feasible directions. Case studies in different engineering disciplines.


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SE-320 Quality Control and Industrial Statistics (3-0-3)

Statistical models for quality assurance and control. Control charts for variables and attributes and their applications in process control. Process capability studies. Quality audits. Operating characteristic curves. Acceptance sampling. Statistical analysis and design of integrated quality control systems and computer applications. Cost of quality and the effects of quality on productivity. Case studies in applied quality assurance and control.


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SE-322 Manufacturing Technology (3-3-4)

Manufacturing methods of metals and plastics including metal casting, forming, machining, welding, and plastic processing. Laboratory experiments and demonstrations in material behavior, forming, casting, welding and machining operations, metrology and dimensional control.


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SE-323 Work and Process Improvements :



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SE-325 Engineering Statistics (3-0-3)

Review and Extension of Estimation and Test of Hypothesis and their application in Engineering. Introduction to Planned industrial experiments including Analysis of Variance, Regression and Design of Experiments, Taguchi Arrays and their Application in Quality Control.


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SE-402 Production Systems and Inventory Control (3-0-3)

Elements of functional organization. Forecasting in production systems. Product and process design considerations. Deterministic and Stochastic Inventory Systems. production scheduling and line balancing. Capacity planning. Material Requirement Planning (MRP). Computer applications in Production Control. Case studies and applications.


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SE-405 Stochastic Systems Simulation (2-3-3)

Basic discrete-event simulation modeling, review of basic probability and statistics, selecting input probability distributions, random-number generators, generating random variables, output data analysis for a single system, validation of simulation models. A simulation language is used to stimulate selected industrial and computer models.


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SE-421 Operations Research II (3-0-3)

Advanced topics in linear programming: Integer programming, dynamic programming. Introduction to Stochastic Processes. Case studies.


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SE-422 Facility Layout and Location (3-0-3)

Introduction to facility planning issues. Material handling. Facility location and layout and computer-aided techniques and packages. Storage and warehousing functions, emphasizing quantitative and simulation techniques.


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SE-429 Maintenance Planning and Control (3-0-3)

Maintenance organization, maintenance strategy, forecasting maintenance work, maintenance capacity planning, component replacement decision models, maintenance Measurement and standards, scheduling of maintenance, maintenance material control, quality of maintenance jobs, maintenance productivity, maintenance audit, maintenance management information systems, case studies.


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SE-465 Industrial Safety (3-0-3)

The scope of occupational safety: human safety; environmental safety; setting safety standards; safety administration; legal aspects of industrial safety in the Kingdom.


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SE-490 Systems Engineering Senior Project (0-9-3)

A design course that draws upon various components of the undergraduate curriculum. The project typically contains problem definition, analysis, evaluation and selection of alternatives. Real life applications are emphasized where appropriate constraints are considered. Oral presentation and a report are essential for course completion. The work should be supervised by faculty members. Team projects are acceptable wherever appropriate.


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All Systems Engineering Courses   (Undergraduate Program )






Systems Engineering   (SE)

( Graduate Program )



 Courses offering in Systems Engineering   ( Graduate Program ) :

 SE 503 Linear Programming and Applications-I

Review of linear programming, revised simplex method, product form of the inverse, duality, dual simplex method, primal dual simplex method, sensitivity analysis, parametric programming, bounded variable linear programs, decomposition principle, classical networks, shortest path problem, maximal flow problem, multicommodity networks. Additional topics may be selected from complementarity, fractional programming and computational efficiency of linear programming algorithms. Case studies.


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SE 515 Distributed Computer Control

Distributed control systems configuration. Communications networks. Operator Interface Stations. Control algorithms in distributed control systems. Economic justification of distributed control. Evaluation of distributed computer control systems. Microcomputer control networks. Future trends in distributed computer control.


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SE 537 Adaptive Control


General approach to controller design; Adaptive control methods; Model reference Adaptive systems, parametric optimization methods, Liapunov function method, hyperstability and positivity concepts; self-tuning controllers, minimum variance selftuner, explicit and implicit algorithms, pole assignment regulators; variable structure systems, sliding motion, choice of control function, control of phase canonic models. Applications.


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SE 543 Stochastic Processes-I


Introduction to stochastic process, stationarity, ergodicity, Poisson process, linear models, Markov chains, renewal theory, Markov renewal processes, semi-Markov processes and Applications in queuing and other areas.


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SE 599 Seminar


Graduate students working towards either M.S. or Ph.D. degrees, are required to attend the seminars given by faculty, visiting scholars, and fellow graduate students. Additionally each student must present at least one seminar on a timely research topic. Among other things, this course is designed to give the student an overview of research in the department, and a familiarity with the research methodology, journals and professional societies in his discipline. Graded on a Pass or Fail basis.


SE 710 Dissertation


All Systems Engineering Courses  ( Graduate Program )




Other Courses Offering in  :

College of Engineering Sciences  (CES):

         Petroleum Engineering (PETE)

         Chemical Engineering (CHE)

         Mechanical Engineering (ME)

         Electrical Engineering    (EE)

         Civil Engineering (CE)


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College of Computer Sciences & Engineering  (CCSE):

         Computer Engineering  (COE)

         Systems Engineering   (SE)

           Information and Computer Science (ICS)



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          Chemistry  (CHEM)

         Earth Sciences  (ES)




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         Management Information System ( MIS )

          Marketing  ( MKT )

          Accounting ( Acct )

         Finance (FIN)

         Management ( MGT )

        Economics  ( ECON)


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College of Environmental Design  (CED)

        Architecture (ARC)

        City & Regional Planning (CRP)

        Construction Engineering & Management (CEM)

         Architectural Engineering (ARE)


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