Information and Computer

 Science (ICS)


Advanced Courses offering in Information and Computer Science (ICS) :



ICS 410 Programming Languages                                                                                               

Programming Paradigms: Object-oriented, imperative, functional, and logic. Application development in these paradigms. Fundamentals of Language Design: Syntax and Semantics. Language implementation: virtual machines; compilation, interpretation, and hybrid.

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ICS 411 Senior Project                                                                                                                  

Project-oriented course in which students work in teams on an applied real-world problem of their interest, go through its software development lifecycle in order to develop a prototype software solution for the problem at hand. The senior project offers the opportunity to integrate the knowledge acquired in preceding courses, as well as promote and instill communication skills, writing skills, and lifelong self-learning.

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ICS 415 Computer Graphics                                                                                                        

Applications of Computer Graphics; Graphics systems and devices; Output Primitives and their Attributes; Geometric Transformations; Window to Viewport Mapping and Clipping; Curves and Surfaces; Three-Dimensional viewing; Hidden surface removal; illumination and color models, Animation.


ICS 424 Advanced Database Systems                                                                                          

Advanced data models: object-oriented model, and object-relational model, conceptual database design. Transaction processing: transactions, failure and recovery, and concurrency control techniques. Database backup and recovery. Query processing and optimization. Database security. Distributed databases: distributed data storage, distributed query processing, distributed transaction processing and concurrency control. Homogeneous and heterogeneous solutions, client-server architecture. XML and relational databases. Introduction to data warehousing, introduction to other current trends in database systems.

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ICS 431 Operating Systems                                                                                                           

This course introduces the fundamentals of operating systems design and implementation. Topics include history and evolution of operating systems; Types of operating systems; Operating system structures; Process management: processes, threads, CPU scheduling, process synchronization; Memory management and virtual memory; File systems; I/O systems; Security and protection; Distributed systems; Case studies.

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ICS 444 Computer and Network Security                                                                                  

Introduction to computer and network security; Security services: confidentiality, integrity, availability, accountability; Hacker techniques and attack types; Public and private key encryption; Authentication; Digital signature; User identification and access control; Computer viruses, Trojans and worms; Risk management and analysis; Information security process; Internet security: security protocols such as IPSec, SSL, TLS, email and web security; Security technologies and systems: Firewalls, VPN and IDS.

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ICS 454 Principles of Cryptography                                                                                            

Classical cryptography; Secret Key Encryption; Perfect Secrecy. Cryptanalysis; Block and Stream cipher; Data Encryption Standard (DES) and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES); Public Key Encryption;  Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange; RSA, ElGamal and Rabin’s Cryptosystems; Authentication and Digital Signatures; One-time signatures;  Randomized Encryption; Rabin and ElGamal signature schemes; Digital Signature Standard (DSS)' Cryptographically Secure Hashing; Message Authentication Codes; Network Security; Secure Socket Layer (SSL);  IPsec.

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ICS 484 Arabic Computing                                                                                                          

This course examines a range of issues concerning computer concepts related to Arabic. Among the issues to be discussed are: Arabic Language Characteristics, Arabic Character Sets, Standardization, Unicode, Arabization systems, Arabic software tools, Arabic programming languages and Introduction to Arabic Computations.

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ICS 490 Special Topics I                                                                                                                

State-of-the-art topics in Computer Science and Information Systems.


All Information and Computer Science Courses   (Undergraduate Program )



Information and Computer Science
 ( Graduate Program )


Courses offering in the first semester 081 ( October 2008 ) :

ICS 512    Software Requirements Engineering                                      


The course gives state of the art and state of the practice in software requirements engineering.  In-depth research-oriented study of methods, tools, notations, and validation techniques for the analysis, specification, prototyping, and maintenance of software requirements. Topics include study of object-oriented requirements modeling, using state of the art modeling techniques such as the Unified Modeling Language (UML). The course work includes a project investigating or applying approaches to requirements engineering.

Prerequisite: ICS 413 or Equivalent 


ICS 531    Advanced Operating Systems           


Structural design aspects of an operating system: process model, inter-process communication,. synchronization mechanisms, resource management, and scheduling. Protection issues. Implementation issues of modern operating systems. Distributed operating systems. Deadlock detection, recovery, and avoidance. Case studies. Project(s).

Prerequisite:  ICS 431 or Equivalent 


Area 3.  THEORY


ICS 553    Advanced Computer Algorithms                               


Review of RAM model of computation, complexity measures of time and space. Graph Algorithms for minimum spanning trees, shortest paths, matroids, the planar separator theorem. Planarity and planarization. network flow algorithms. Graph matching and coloring. Establishing lower bounds. NP Completeness: Cook’s theorem. Various complexity classes and their relationships. Techniques for establishing completeness. Approximation and probabilistic algorithms to NP-hard problems.

Prerequisite:  ICS 353 or Equivalent 




ICS 582    Natural Language Processing                                    


Components of a natural languages processing system.  Natural language models:  Mathematical, psychological.  Lexical, syntactic, and semantic analysis.  Phrase-structured grammars. Transformational grammars. Transition networks. Semantic networks.  Conceptual parsing. Conceptual dependency. Systemic and case grammars. Scripts, plans and goals.  Knowledge representation.  Sentence generation.  Recent trends.

Prerequisite:  ICS 381 or Equivalent  



ICS 583    Pattern Recognition                                                


Various methods of pattern recognition, extraction methods, statistical classification, minmax procedures, maximum likelihood decisions, data structures for pattern recognition, case studies.

Prerequisite:  Consent of the Instructor




ICS 541    Database Design and Implementation                                      


Database development life cycle. Data modeling. Database design theory. Query processing. Concurrency control and transaction management. Recovery. Security. Database applications: data warehousing, data mining, web pages, and others. Various types of database systems: object relational, object-oriented, distributed, client/server, and others. Current trends in database research. Project(s).

Prerequisite:  ICS 334 or Equivalent  



ICS 543    Advanced Computer Graphics               


Graphics systems. Two dimensional concepts and methods. Geometrical transformations. Modeling 3D scenes. Curve and surface design. Approaches to infinity. Rendering faces for realism. Color theory. Visible-surface determination. Illumination models and shading. Project(s).

Prerequisite:  ICS 435 or Equivalent  


ICS 545    Arabic Computing                           


Contemporary concepts and research in the field of Arabic Computing. Arabic characteristics and standardization. Arabic systems and tools. Arabic programming languages. Arabic character recognition. Arabic speech synthesis and recognition. Natural Arabic processing.

Prerequisite:  Consent of Instructor




ICS 599    Seminar                                                            


Graduate students are required to attend the seminars given by faculty members, visiting scholars, and fellow graduate students.  Additionally, each student must give at least presentation on a timely research topic. Among other things, this course is designed to give the student an overview of research, research methodology, journals and professional societies. Graded on a Pass or Fail basis.

Prerequisite:  Graduate standing


ICS 610    Master Thesis                                          


The student has to undertake and complete a research topic under the supervision of a faculty member in order to probe in depth a specific problem in Computer Science.

Prerequisite:  ICS 599 or Consent of Instructor


All Information and Computer Science Courses   ( Graduate Program )



Other Courses Offering in :

College of Engineering Sciences  (CES):

·         Petroleum Engineering (PETE)

·         Chemical Engineering (CHE)

·         Mechanical Engineering (ME)

·         Electrical Engineering    (EE)

·         Civil Engineering (CE)


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·         Computer Engineering  (COE)

·         Systems Engineering   (SE)

·           Information and Computer Science (ICS)



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·         Architecture (ARC)

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