Semester 061 Tentative Schedule for Statistics Research (StaR) Colloquium

(on Tuesdays from 1.00 - 2.00pm)



Acad Week Approx Date Topic Seminar Title Presenter view files
1 12-Sep-06          
2 19-Sep-06          
3 26-Sep-06 Statistics Education


 A Comparison and Contrast of Some Methods for Sample Quartiles Dr. Anwar Joarder abstract  
4 3-Oct-06 at 11am Stochastic Process


Special seminar: Functional Limit Theorems for Branching Processes and Possible Applications Dr. Ibrahim Rahimov abstract  
4 3-Oct-06   No Seminar - Math Dept Council Meeting      
5 10-Oct-06

Statistics Education


 Some Insights into Statistical Independence Dr. Anwar Joarder abstract  
6 31-Oct-06   No Seminar - Math Dept Council Meeting      
7 7-Nov-06   No Seminar - Math DCM      
8 14-Nov-06

Probability Issues


 A Remark About Independent Events Dr. Abdullahi Umar abstract  
9 21-Nov-06          
10 28-Nov-06

Statistics for Applied Researchers

postponed to sem 062 Mohammad F. Salleh    
11 5-Dec-06   No Seminar - Math Dept Council Meeting      
12 12-Dec-06          
13 19-Dec-06

Statistics for Applied Researchers


Statistical significance. Is it not enough? So why some journals enforce requirements like practical significance? Dr. Mohammad H. Omar abstract talk
14 9-Jan-07          
15 16-Jan-07

Mathematical Statistics


Borel Probability Measures on Metric Spaces and Prokhorov’s Theorem Dr. Raja M. Latif abstract  
16 23-Jan-07   No Seminar - Final Exam Week