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Electrical Engineering Department

Associate Professor

Dr. Sheikh Sharif Iqbal Mitu


Conference Organization:

  • Member, Organisi committee, 15th Saudi Technicial Exchange Meeting (STEM), 2012.

  • Member, Technical program committee, IEEE-GCC Conference & Exhibition, 19-22 February 2011, Dubai, UAE

  • Member, ‘Student event organizing committee’ 14th Saudi Technical Exchange Meeting (STEM’14), Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, June 2010.

  • Member, Organizing committee of ‘Intelligent Systems (ICIS’08), sponsored by IET (Saudi and Bahrain chapters) and Bahrain Society of Engineers. The proposed date and location: Nov 2008, Bahrain.

  • Member, ‘Registration committee’ of the ‘International Conference on Microelectronics (IEEE-ICM’06)’, Saudi Arabia, Dec. 2006.

  • Member, ‘Registration committee’ of ‘11th IEEE Technical Exchange Meeting (IEEE-TEM’04), Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, April 2004.

  • Served in the ‘Registration committee’ of the ‘International Symposium on Wireless Systems and Networks (ISWSN’03)’, Saudi Arabia, April 2003.

  • Member, ‘Registration committee’ of the international meeting on ‘10th IEEE Technical Exchange Meeting (IEEE-TEM’03), Saudi Arabia, April 2003.

  • Member, ‘Registration committee’ of the international meeting on ‘9th IEEE Technical Exchange Meeting (IEEE-TEM’02), Saudi Arabia, April 2002


Membership to Professional Organizations:

  • Fellow, Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), UK since April 2008. IET is previously known as Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE), UK.

  • ‘Honorary Treasurer’ of the IET Saudi-Network since June 2006 and
    Advisor and Coordinator of IET Young members section, KFUPM, KSA.

  • Senior Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), USA since April 2005.

  • Member of Saudi Scientific Society for Electrical Engineers (SSSEE), KSA.

  • Member of The Institution of Engineering’s in Bangladesh (IEB), Bangladesh.

  • Member of Applied Computational Electromagnetic Society (ACES), USA.


Professional Lectures Delivered:

Taught Short-courses and Workshops:

  • Title: ‘Short course on Smart Card Technology and Applications', organized by Continuing Education Department, Deanship of Educational Services, KFUPM, May 2004.      My instructor evaluation from the short course was: ‘4.33/5.00’

  • Title: ‘Short course on Printed Circuit Techniques’ organized by IEEE student branch, KFUPM, February 2005.

  • Title: ‘Workshop on Fabricating Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards’, organized by Electrical Engineering student club (EE-club), KFUPM, April 2006.

Seminars Presented to  Saudi Industries:

  • To: Title: ‘Designing RF/Microwave Passive Circuits using Microwave Simulators’, Electronia Company, Dammam, April 2002.

Technical Seminars Presented in KFUPM:

  • ‘Ferrite Resonators and its use in microwave communication’, Electrical Engineering (EE) department, KFUPM, October 1998.

  • ‘Fabricating Printed Circuit Board using Protomate C60 machine’ EE Department, KFUPM, November 2001

  • ‘Virtual Engineering University’, EE Department, KFUPM, May 2003.

  • ‘Microstrip Stacked patch Antennas’, EE Department, KFUPM, December 2003

  • ‘Millimeter-wave Semiconductor Phase shifter’s EE Dept., KFUPM, April 2005.

  • ‘Ferrite Based Integrated Power Division and Tunable Phase Shifter’, EE Department, KFUPM, 2005.

  • ‘Circularly Polarized Microstrip Phase-Shifters’, EE Department, KFUPM, September  2005

  • ‘Developing Course contents for Online courses’, 2nd Annual Meeting of EE Online Course Developers, EE Department, KFUPM, July 2006.

  • ‘Design of Microstrip Linear Phased Array Antenna for Microwave Sensors’, EE Department, KFUPM, November 2006.

Seminars to Student-organizations in KFUPM:

  • ‘Implementing multi-layered PCB circuits’, EE-student-Club, KFUPM, March 2000.

  •  ‘Designing Passive Circuits for RF/Microwave Communication Using the software:  High Frequency Structural simulator’, EE-Club, KFUPM, October, 2001.

  • ‘Designing Multi-layer PCB circuit’, EE-Club, KFUPM, November 2001.

  •  ‘Multilayer printed circuit board Techniques’, EE-club, KFUPM, May 2004.

  •  ‘PCB implementation of Capstone Projects’, EE-club,    KFUPM, December 2004

  • ‘Inventing Electronic Devices’, EE- club, KFUPM, November 2005.

  • ‘Fabricating multilayer printed circuit boards (PCB’s)’, organized by Electrical  Engineering Students Club (EE-Club) and IEEE student branch, KFUPM, 2006.

  • ‘How EET can benefit KFUPM students’, IET student branch, KFUPM, Mar,   2007


Seminars Delivered to External Universities (international):

  • ‘Microwave Inverted Stacked Patch Antennas’, EEE Department, UMIST, Manchester, United Kingdom,  July 2003.

  •  ‘Magnetized Gyrotropic Passive Devices’ Ferranti-C8, UMIST, UK, August 2000.

  • ‘Animated and Interactive Lecture Notes for Engineering Studies’, EEE Department, Bangladesh University of Engineering Technology (BUET), Dhaka, Bangladesh, August 2005.

  •  ‘Fabrication o RF/microwave Device Prototypes for Microwave Communication’, Asian University of Bangladesh (AUB), Dhaka, Bangladesh, December, 2002.

  • ‘Designing, Fabricating and testing Microwave circuits’, Bangladesh University of Engineering Technology (BUET), Dhaka, Bangladesh, December 2001.

  • ‘Semiconductor passive MIMIC devices in Satellite Communication’ American International University in Bangladesh (AIUB), Dhaka, Bangladesh, January 2000.


Professional Training Courses Attended (international):

  • Completed a training course on “COMSOL Multiphysics Modeling (RF-Module)”, Offered by COMSOL Ltd. (Middle East), Egypt, June, 2007.

  • Completed “Basic and Advance Training Courses on Ansoft HFSS’ , Offered by Ansoft Corporation Europe, Twickenham, UK, July, 2003.



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