Interesting Material for Downloading

"A Mathematical Theory of Communication"
"The math of Fourier Series".
"History of Fourier Series"
"Fourier Series at Mathworld"
Download Fourier Series Demo and Fourier Transform Demo, copy these files in any directory, and on command prompt type Fourier_Series_demo
"Quick Tour of Fourier Analysis with MATLAB"
"What is Fourier Transform"
"Fourier Transform and its applications".
"What is Amplitude Modulation (AM)"
"Analysis of the FM Spectrum"
"Short Tutorial on PCM"
"Delta Modulation"


"Matlab Online Help"
"Matlab tutorial and documentation"
"Matlab Tutorial" by Prof. B. Heck.
To find instructions on how to use a particular command, type "help command_name".
If you are looking for the name for a Matlab command, make a guess and type "lookfor guess".  If this doesn't work, type "help" to look for likely subtopics, then type "help subtopic".
Matlab for Engineers by Biran and Breiner, Addison-Wesley, 1995.
Mastering Matlab by Hanselman and Littlefield, Prentice Hall, 1996.
If you know other good resources, please email me so that i can add them here...