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I am currently looking for graduate students with interest in computer networks from system design and applications perspectives. Send me an email if you would like to do your research in this area.

Current Research Topics

Sensing and Identification in the Internet of Things
Investigating approaches to integrate communication technologies such as WSNs and RFID systems to construct efficient data delivery systems in terms of delay-tolerance, connectivity and cost.

Queuing Policies in Information-Centric Networks
Studying efficient queue management methods in ICNs where duplication is an ultimate mean of data reachability whereas buffering space is a persistent bottleneck.

Social Routing in Smart Cities
Studying the utilization of private data while utilizing personal mobile devices as couriers and resource providers. Routing here is based on the social connections between the (nodes) to achieve higher delivery rates. This research aims at developing heuristics to enhance routing without violating privacy/trust constraints.