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Assistant Professor



'Design of Expanded Constellations for PAPR Reduction in OFDM Systems,' EE Dept., KFUPM, Saudi Arabia, Oct., 2008.


'Alternative Symbol Representations with Radial Symmetry for PAPR reduction in OFDM Systems,' E&CE Dept., in Dalhousie University, Canada, Apr., 2005.
'Design and Analysis of Turbo Codes,' in Dalhousie University, E&CE Dept., in Dalhousie University, Canada, March, 2006.
'Erasure Rate Analysis in Binary Product codes,' E&CE Dept., in Dalhousie University, Canada, Apr., 2005.



2-day workshop with Dr. Paul Blackmore, the director of learning and teaching, King's College London, covering the following:

1. 21st Century Curricula,

2. Link Research and Teaching,

3. Academic development: What Works?

4. Informal Learning,

5. Overview of Higher Education in UK, a case study


3-day workshop entitled Program Continuous Quality Improvement, with Dr. Mahesh Aggarwal, Professor at Mechanical Engineering Department, Gannon University, Pennsylvania:


2-day workshop Online Course Content Authoring using E-learning suite (Flash, Photoshop, and Illustrator)


Three 1-day workshops on Getting Started with Blackboard CE8, Workshop on centra, and Sharing experiences in using Web for teaching.


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