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Electrical Power and Energy Systems (EPES)
Research Group


Power demands have been mounting around the world. Today’s aging power plants and old technology have managed to handle the rise in demand, but utilities face new challenges including possible greenhouse-gas limits, heightened security, skyrocketing fuel costs, and potential fuel shortages. Simply expanding the existing infrastructure is no longer enough.


Changes in power infrastructure are expected around the world. Industry and government groups and foundations envision a new, technologically advanced infrastructure. Once this is installed, tomorrow’s electric power systems should deliver more power, have more reliably, and produce with greater efficiency, wherever and whenever needed. Outages and brownouts should be infrequent, localized, and quickly resolved. Less energy should be lost in generating, transmitting, and delivering electricity, and every conceivable source of electric power should be used.


The vision of the Group is to achieve research at such a level that it will increasingly attract the concerned national and international industries and academia, particularly the ones in this region, and draw talents worldwide for high quality engineers, graduate and post-graduate education, and training in electrical power and energy technology and management.


The mission of the Group is to conduct basic, applied, and interdisciplinary research in electrical power and energy systems which will form the essential constituents of strategic and major research concentration by academics and industry and align the research with modern international needs.

The objectives of the Group are as follows:
  • To establish highly focused research programs that will generate novel concepts, and methods of analysis, evaluation and testing in power and energy systems.
  • To broaden undergraduate and graduate education in the areas of the Group’s research concentration, thereby providing a strong workforce base and highly skilled manpower for the industries.
  • To promote latest technology in the area of electrical power and energy systems for enhancement of international competitiveness of Saudi Arabia by collaborating with local industry, and related organizations world-wide.
  • To promote cooperation in research by strengthening domestic and international research linkages and collaborations.
Group Composition
Executive Committee


  • Dr. Abido, Mohammad Ali Y. (Coordinator)
  • Dr. Abdur-Rahim, AbuHamed M.
  • Dr. El-Amin, Ibrahim M.
Permanent Members


  • Dr. Abido, Mohammad Ali Y. (Coordinator)
  • Dr. El-Amin, Ibrahim M.
  • Dr. Mohamed, Mohamed Syed Mansour
  • Dr. Abdur-Rahim, AbuHamed M.
  • Dr. Al-Hamouz, Zakariya
  • Dr. Habiballah, Ibrahim O.
  • Dr. Kassas, Mahmoud
  • Dr. Belhadj, Chokri
Collaborating Researchers


  • Dr. Sayed El-Alfy (ICS)
  • Mr. Arif Abdel-magid (RI)
  • Mr. Firoz Ahmad (RI)
  • Mr. Khaled Al-Soufi (RI)
Graduated Students


  • Mr. M. Hassan (Ph. D. student)
  • Mr. F. Zaro (Ph. D. student)
  • Mr. A. Al-Muhammad (Ph. D. student)
  • Mr. A. Al-Nuaim (Ph. D. student)
  • Mr. F. Al-Ismail (MS. student)
  • Mr. Y. Al-Rasheedi (MS. student)
  • Mr. A. Al-Mulhim (MS. student)
Proposed Research Areas
  • Renewable Energy and Smart Grid
  • Power System Operation and Control
  • Power Quality and Electric Drives
Mohammad Ali Abido

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