I am an assistant professor with the Computer Engineering Department at KFUPM. My research focuses on Cybersecurity. In particular, I work on research problems related to data privacy. More recently, I started to develop some interest on research relating data security and privacy and quantum computing. For more details, see my research interests.

I earned my PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Purdue University in 2018. My advisor was Prof. Arif Ghafoor. Prior to that, I earned my MS degree from KAUST and Bachelor degree from KFUPM in 2008 and 2011, respectively. I am a member of the Dependable and Secure System Lab at KFUPM.

Latest news

October 2021 
Our paper titled "Guard: Attack-Resilient Adaptive Load Balancing in Distributed Streaming Systems" was accepted for publication in IEEE TDSC. This paper is a collaboration with Dr. Anas Daghistani and Dr. Musab Khayat from DMSL, Purdue University.
October 2021 
Our paper titled "A Modelling and Scheduling Tool for Crowd Movement in Complex Network" was accepted for publication in Intelligent Automation and Soft Computing. This paper is an outcome of Project MDP-IRI-9-2020 funded by Makkah Portal for Research and Innovation.
October 2021 
Dr. Muhamad delivered a talk titled "From Classical to Quantum Computing" to Physics Department, KFUPM. Slides
June 2021 
Dr. Muhamad delivered a talk titled "AI and Data Privacy" in Thakaa Center. Youtube
March 2021 
Our paper titled "Rule-based Detection of False Data Injections attacks Against Optimal" was accepted for publication in Sensors. Congratulations Sani for publishing two papers!
March 2021  
Our papaer titled "Advanced Persistent False Data Injection Attacks Against Optimal Power Flow in Power Systems" was accepted in IEEE IWCMC 2021, Harbin, China (Acceptance rate is 39%).
March 2021  
Dr. Muhamad delivered a talk titled "From Classical to Quantum Computing" to the COE Talks Series at KFUPM. (Video)
February 2021  
Dr. Muhamad was appointed as acting (founding) director for the new Interdisciplinary Research Center for Intelligent Secure Systems at KFUPM.
February 2021  
Dr. Muhamad delivered an invited talk titled "From Classical to Quantum Computing" for Aramco EXPEC Computing Center.
November 2020 
Sani Umer, an MSc student at KFUPM, has successfully defended his MS Thesis. Prof. Tarek Shaltami and Dr. Yahya Osais were in the examining committee. Congratiolations Sani!
October 2020 
BeeCast won the 2nd place in the 2021 ACM Student Research Competition (SRC). Congratulations Asaad Alghamdi, Younes Balah, and Mohammed Albejadi You can find the paper here.(News coverage)
September 2020 
In summer 2020, KFUPM has approved  21 new CX programs and 15 new MX programs. This Fall, I am teaching three courses:
1- COE 526 Data Privacy
2- COE 426 Data Privacy
3- COE 466 Quantum Architecture and Algorithms
July 2020
Our demo paper entitled "BeeCast: A Collaborative Video Streaming System" has been accepted in the Demo track of MobiCom 2020. This is the first outcome of the project funded by DSR-KFUPM.
June 2020  
 Pleased to be part of the Digital Revolution Task Force for S20 Saudi Arabia
May 2020
Pleased to receive a research grant from KACST as part of their response to COVID-19. Project Title: Robust, Privacy Preserving Survillance System for COVID-19. Duration: 6 months. Project website