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Thesis Supervised
PhD Thesis
MS Thesis
  • # Student name Thesis Title Status
    1 Yahya Gambo CO2-assisted ODH of Propane to propylene and hydrogen In progress (2020-)
    2 Tanimu Gazali Novel process for oxidative dehydrogenation of LPG to high value olefins: Completed (2019)
    3 Muhammad Sarfraz Development and characterization of mixed-matrix membranes for carbon dioxide separation Completed (2015)
  • # Student name Thesis Title Status
    1 Nadhem Abdulhameed Ismail Functionalized polymer based materials as scale and corrosion inhibitors In progress (2020-)
    2 Majid Lasisi Balogun MoOx/La-╬│Al2O3 for oxidative dehydrogenation of propane into proplyne using oxygen as mild oxidant. Completed (2020)
    3 Ahmed Hussain Al Suwaij Susceptibility to Pitting Corrosion of CrMn-Stainless Steel Exposed to Sour Drilling Environment Completed (2019)
    4 Akram Salem Ghanem Fabrication of Mixed Matrix Membranes using Polyimide and ZIFs for CO2 separation Completed (2018)
    5 Abd Alwadood Hassan Babikir Fluidized-bed ODH of ethane to ethylene optimization modeling and catalyst development Completed (2015)
    6 Abdulkhaleq Salem Bahamood A General Stochastic Model for Refinery Planning Under Uncertainty. Completed
    7 Bander Faraj Al-Daajani Corrosion Protection of Carbon Steel by Aluminum Oxide Nano Coatings Using Solution Plasma Spray Technique Completed
    8 Mohammed Karama Alsebaeai An optimization model for NOx and SOx emissions reduction in power generation. Completed
    9 Fayez Nasir Alrowaili Planning and optimization for an Oil Refinery with NOx Reduction Completed
Thesis Committee Member
PhD Thesis
MS Thesis
  • # Student name Thesis Title Status
    1 Fahad Hussain Falqi The Effect of Poly(ethylene glycol) on PEG/PVA Nanocomposite In progress
    2 Sagir Adamu Novel Ni/Ce-Al2O3 for Biomass Gasification Completed
    3 Amir Abdelrazig Merghani Global Optimization and Thermodynamic Analysis of the Heat Exchanger Network in Process Industries Completed
    4 Ahmed Mansoor Ghaithan An Integrated Stochastic Multi-Objective Downstream Oil & Gas Supply Chain Model For Tactical Decision Making Completed
    5 Muhammad Daud Effect of Nano fillers on the production and properties of LLDPE using In-Situ Polymerization Completed
    6 Osamah Awadh Bin Dahman Graphene reinforced eco-friendly water soluble polymers Completed
    7 Ihsan Ullah Synthesis of novel carbon nanotube membranes for applications in water treatment Completed
    8 Hafiz Muhaamad Zaheer Aslam Synthesis of Activated Carbon from Oil Fly Ash (OFA) and its Application for the Acidic Gases Seperation & Sequestration Completed
    9 Umer Mehmood Development of new dye sensitized materials for solar cell applications Completed
    10 Omer Yahya Ba Kather In Situ Copolymerization of Ethylene and Propylene in The Presence of Titania Nanofillers Completed
  • # Student name Thesis Title Status
    1 Sanaullah Shafiq Polysulfone Mixed Matrix Membranes Containing ZIF-95 as a Filler for Gas Separation ApplicationsPolysulfone Mixed Matrix Membranes Containing ZIF-95 as a Filler for Gas Separation Applications Completed
    2 Mohammed Omar Faruque NP – Nutrients Removal from Municipal Tertiary Wastewater using SD. Completed
    3 Ali Mahfouz Alkadhem CO2 Capture at ambient conditions Completed
    4 Mohammed Ahmed Saleh Alagil Design and Simulation of Ethane-CO2 Separation Using Extractive Distillation in NGL Fractionation Processes Completed
    5 Siddig Seedahmed Siddig Design and Simulation of Methanol Production by CO2 Utilization Completed
    6 Tareq Ali Al-Attas Novel Metallocalixarenes as Dispersed Catalysts for Heavy Oil Upgrading Completed
    7 Mohammed Ameen Qasem Preparation of metal oxide Nano particle-modified porous carbon electrode for oxygen evolution reaction Completed
    8 Hassan Ahmed Hussein Methanol to olefins using modified SAPO-34 zeolite Completed