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·        Control and Instrumentation

·        Condition Based Maintenance

·        Learning

·        Adaptive Control

·        Consortiums

·         Curriculum design

·        Control Loop Performance Monitoring

·        LMI-Based Control

·       Questioning strategies

·        Process Control

·        Fieldbus

·        Writing

·        Journals

·        General









Control and Instrumentation

Control Engineering Virtual Library

The International Society of Automation

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Adaptive Control

A Tutorial On Multiple Model Least-Squares and Augmented UD Identification  

Book - Adaptive Control Stability, Convergence, and Robustness

FRT050 Adaptive Control

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Control Loop Performance Monitoring

Nina Thornhill

Thomas J Harris - Faculty of Applied Science at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Advanced Process Control

Control Design and Tuning

Control Loop Performance Assessment. 1. A Qualitative Approach for Stiction Diagnosis

Course Notes and Learning Resources - Process Control

Process Control Analysis and Tuning Workshop

Process Control Automation, Process Control Software, Statistical Process control using MATLAB Tutorials

Variability Management, Control loop performance, Control Performance, Loop Tuning - Seminars

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Process Control

Automation and control Denmark

Course Notes and Learning Resources - Process Control

Doug Cooper is Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Connecticut

Education Emerson Process Experts

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Condition Based Maintenance

Algosys - Solutions Technologies - Data Reconciliation & Material Balancing - Production Accountant

Control System Examples

European Federation for Non-Destructive Testing

Industrial Maintenance Training Sample Proposal and Suggested Labs

Intelligent Low-Cost Remote Vibration Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis - OfficeInfo - Asia-Pacific - National Instruments

Introduction to Preventive-Predictive Maintenance - Sample Lab and Equipment List

Level I Thermography Training

Magnetic Analysis Corp. - Multiple Test & Custom Systems

MAINTENANCE WEB LINKS        Maintenance, CMMS, EAM, Reliability, Condition Monitoring, Maintenance Consultants, Failure Analys

Ndt - Vibration Training


Predictive and Corrective Maintenance Training - Advanced Mechanical Enterprises

Technical Notes by SpectraQuest, Inc.

Training - PDM

Training and Reference Materials and Job Aids

Emerson Process Management - PlantWeb University

Learn ways to improve maintenance at PlantWeb University

Maintenance Technology - Your Source For Capacity Assurance Solutions

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About the ACTC


Control Systems Engineering Laboratory - ASU

Institute of Instrumentation Control and Automation Australia Inc.

 MACC The McMaster Advanced Control Consortium

Process Control and Optimization Consortium

Reliability Technology Issues and Needs Assessment Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions (CERTS)

The Measurement & Control Engineering Center

World Wide Web Consortium Process Document

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DeltaV Key Technologies Fieldbus Tutorial

Fieldbus Tutorial - Introduction

Ramping Up with a Foundation Fieldbus Tutorial - Emerson Process Experts

What is Multi-Drop Polling

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Electric Power Components & Systems

Elsevier.com - Electric Power Systems Research


Journal of the Operational Research Society (JORS) Overview - (Publications)

Wiley InterScience Journal Homepage - International Journal of Energy Research

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LMI-Based Control

DISC Course LMI's in Control --2004-2005

DISC Course Optimization in Control --2003

Stephen P. Boyd – Teaching

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Index of Learning Theories and Models at Learning Theories

Kolb Learning Style Inventory

Learning and Teaching Home

Learning Styles and Personality

learning theory - models, product and process

Learning Theory and ID

VARK -- A Guide to Learning Styles

TIP The Theories

Learning styles, multiple intelligences

Guide to Grammar and Writing

Character Education

Citing References APA Style (5th ed.)

Ethics Toolkit

Learning Skills Program, York University, Toronto, Canada

Learning Theories and Instructional Strategies Matrix George Mason University

Learning Theories  

 Theories & Approaches Social Learning Theories

Working with Diverse Groups of Students

School Choice Research and Publications

Student Services1

Study Guides and Strategies

Study Skills

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Articles by Nellie Deutsch

BC Education - Skills for the Future

Central Department of statistics

Ten Traps of Studying-Improve Your Studying Skills-CAPS-UNC-Chapel Hill

THE INTERNET IN TWENTY YEARS CYBERSPACE, THE NEXT FRONTIER by Riel Miller, OECD International Futures Programme, Paris

WebQuest Design Patterns

Wilfrid Laurier University - Research Office - Research involving Humans - Informed Consent

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Questioning strategies

Bloom’s Critical Thinking Questioning Strategies

Classroom Questioning

MCPS Science -Science Teaching Strategies-Classroom Questioning


ReadingQuest Strategies Question-Answer Relationships

Teachers Content Literacy

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Curriculum design

A Systematic Approach to Instructional Design


Instructional Approaches Chapter 2 Instructional Models, Strategies, Methods, And Skills

Instructional Strategies

Instructional Systems Design

Lesson 6 - Writing Objectives

Practice Case 1996 The Trials of Terry Kirkland

TIP Learning Concepts

WFED 105 B-2

What Is Instructional Design

Writing Performance Objectives--wuliwei???

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Technical Writing

APA Style Guide - M. Plonsky, Ph.D.

APA Style Resources

Moral Reasoning in Scientific Research

APA StyleHelper 3.0

Elsevier Editorial System™

GE Senior Design Projects -Student Corner - Writing Reports

HyperStat Online An Introductory Statistics Textbook and Online Tutorial for Help in Statistics Courses

HyperStat Online Introduction to ANOVA

Introduction to Data Collection and Analysis

Merriam-Webster Online

A Guide for Writing Research Papers, APA-Style

Bravenet.com - Free websites, guestbook, forum, counter, classifieds, calendar, journal and more!

Conducting Research on the Internet

Interactive Demonstrations on the Writers' Center at Colorado State University

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