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Office Hours
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Office Hours, etc.

Regular Office Hours are inefficient. It is almost impossible to find a time during normal working hours that suits all students. Therefore,  I keep Virtual Office Hours.
That means that if you have problem or wish to discuss something, you may contact me by email at any time (24/7). If we cannot deal with your case by email, we can then arrange a time to meet that suits us both. I find this a much more efficient system and actually means that there is more contact between us than would otherwise be possible.
It is best to use your WebCT Email (click here to go to WebCT) but for emergency use you may use my personal email address: uprichar(AT)kfupm(DOT)edu(DOT)sa


During the course of the semester, consultation sessions will be arranged with all students who are following courses with me.

Times for these meetings  will be agreed with the students concerned.

They will be briefed in advance about the purpose of the meeting and told what they should bring with them.

virtual: not real but seeming to be real.

Useful Expressions:

virtual reality, virtual image,

virtual impossibilty, virtually impossible,