I am currecntly teaching Math 002. Here are some useful links for Math 001 and Math 002 students:


Google Translate (For English to Arabic Translation)

Prep-Year Math Website


Graphing Tools

Graphing tools help students improve their understanding of functions, graphs, solutions of equations and points of intersections of two graphs. I have developed a simple Excel sheet that can be used to draw one or more graphs together to see their behaviour and the points of intersection. You can also use Winplot to draw graphs.

Online Homework

We are now using MyMathLab Plus for online homework and to access the multimedia textbook online. Currently I am taking care of issues related to online homework for Math 001 and Math 002 courses.  If you have any querries/comments regarding online homework please get in touch with your instructor. If that does not help then contact me via email (malikhan at kfupm.edu.sa). Please read the following Guide for using MyMathLab Plus.

MyMathLab Plus Guide

August 31, 2012 15:14

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