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Speaking Practice(you'll need to download quicktime to see the .mov movie files)

RMIT Intermediate


A spoken profile (Unit 1)  on  blog    .mov

Making suggestions to plan what you are going to watch on TV with your friends (Unit 1, p. 26) on blog

Invitations to do something (Unit 1, p.24-35) on blog.

Making a spoken complaint (Unit 2, p.66-67)

Describing a place-KFUPM (Unit 3) on blog

Travel agent--customer role play dialogue,  (Unit 3, p. 112-113)

Pronunciation of medical words (Unit 5) on blog

Practice for the Speaking Mid Course Assessment

A Ghost Story:  Mark Twain's "The Golden Arm" ( story in American colloquial to accompany Unit 8)

The Golden Arm, from Mark Twain's "How to tell a story" (story read in correct English)


Other Practice:

Practice these dialogues at http://www.eltpodcast.com