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Speaking role-play p. 112


Good morning.  Tours are Us.  ( __________________) speaking.  How can I help you?


Good morning!  Yes, Iíd like some information about a two day tour to see some of the scenery along the south coast of Victoria.


Are you interested in only a one day trip, and a free visit to the famous penguin viewing platform at sunset?  Thatís a nice long day, instead of two days.


Yes,  Iíd like that.  What type of transport does this tour have?


All transport is by our luxury coach and you return to the city of Melbourne the same day. 


A coach?


Yes, a luxury bus.


Oh! What time does the bus leave and when does it get back to Melbourne?


It leaves at 8 oíclock every Wednesday and Friday and gets back at 11 at night.


That sounds good.  I would like to go on Friday.  Are there any special extras included on the Friday bus trip?


No.  The Friday and Wednesday trip are the same.  We provide a free lunch in Portland on the way and make a stop at the famous Viewbridge Hotel.  And of course we provide free entrance to the penguin viewing platform at sunset.


Does that include dinner at that famous hotel?!!!



No, Iím sorry. Dinner at the hotel is not included in the package.  That is why the tour is very inexpensive.


How much does it cost?


UmmÖLetís see.  $65 for adults, but there are discounts for students and children.  How many people are travelling?


That sounds reasonable.  How much would it cost for me and my student friend?


Thatís..  letís seeÖa hundred and ten dollars.


Thatís sounds reasonable.  Can you book us on the Friday bus?

Sure.  I can put you on the Friday bus.  Can I have your name and the name of your friend?


Yes.  (________________) and (_________________).  Do I have to make a deposit?


Yes.  Iíll need your credit card number. A $15 dollar deposit is required.  Could I have your credit card number and date of expiration?


Sure.   Itís 555-6565-6767 and it expires in February 2010.


Thank you.  You can pay the rest when you get on the bus.  Thank you for dealing with Tours are Us.


Youíre welcome.  Thank you.  Good bye.




Second role-play, p. 113


Tours are Us, (______________) speaking.  May I help you?


Yes.  Do you have any tour packages for families to central Australia?


Oh, yes.  We have a wonderful tour of the Australian Outback around Alice Springs, 990 dollars return air fare from Melbourne. $780 for children.


Yes.  Weíd like that, but I really donít want to pay that much.  What does the tour include?


It includes travel around in an air-conditioned bus, 6 nights accommodation, all meals, and two nights camping under the stars.     I could make a discount and not charge for any child under 6.


Oh.  That sounds reasonable.  How much would it cost.  The total.


All together it comes toÖ. Letís see  $3,540 for two adults and two children.  I can make a special offer of $3,000.


Well, OK.  Can I book the tour for this Friday?


No. We canít do that.  The tours only go on Saturdays and Mondays.  I can book you on the Saturday flight if you want.


OK.  Letís do that.  Do I have to make a deposit in advance?


Yes.  (same as other role play to finish)