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Link to Vocabulary Word list for Oxford English for Careers Technology 1 & 2, which I added Arabic to last semester.

Link to Section 81New Headway Academic Skills Level 2 (writing class) class shared with Jason Sandy, who will teach the Technology 1 part of the class.

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I was born in Belgium and went to Nursery School there when I was 4; so I speak French because my mother helped me to not forget it when we came back to the United States. I learned Arabic when my father got a job in Damascus, Syria in 1957 and ever since then I have been interested in the archaeology of the Middle East and the Mediterranean. I've been an archaeologist and English Teacher in the Middle East and France. I am beginning my fourth year of teaching English at KFUPM.  In my first two years, we used the RMIT method in the Preparatory Year Program.  We started a new series of classes based around textbooks from Oxford University Press in September of last year.  While looking at different textbooks, I wrote a little historical meander through the evolution of Language teaching, which you can link to here: (Draft of Paper for KSAALT).  KFUPM is the acronym of King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. My mailing address is Denis Hoppe, KFUPM Box 1745, Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia.  During the summer,  July 10-August 31, 2011 only, my address will be Denis Hoppe, Centre MBE 343, 2 bis Avenue Durante, 06000 Nice, France.


Interests, Activities & Plans

Member, American Translators Association 2003

Historian of Cities: I am currently working on a translation of Maqrizi's Khitat, but not making much progress because of new interests in teaching English by the CELTA method.

In the future, I hope to continue teaching in Saudi Arabia, or Egypt, where I can be close to the old medieval cities like Jeddah, Cairo, Damascus, and Aleppo and study their influence on the Medieval Civilization of Southern France, through the transmission by the Arabs of Philosophy and Mathematics to Europe(Avicenna's Al-Shifa and Kanoon).


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I am hoping my proposal to give a short talk at the KSAALT conference in May 2010 will be accepted.  It wasn't accepted.


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