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academic (adj)


 p.58 Many scientific and academic texts contain statistics.

أدبي . عِلمي . متعلق بدور العلم .

university level

academic freedom (n) حرية التعليم (لدي المعلم في الكلام عن كل مشكلة)




p.61 Overall, the number of students continued to rise between 2000 and 2005, apart from a slight fall in 2001 .





منفرقًّاً (عن) .

بصرف النظر (عن)






p.58  As you read the text, refer to the appropriate part of the diagram.



لائِق . مُناسِب .







p.58 Compare the Information in the text with the information in the graphs and charts.








p.61 Bar charts are often used to make comparisons.

use comparatives: fewer  visitors. and superlatives



مُقارَنة .







p.60 2. A steady growth is small, slow, and regular.







p.58 Many scientific and academic texts contain statistics. These are often illustrated in graphs or charts.



وضَّح بطريقة المِثال

(او) التصوير






p.58 Referring to graphs and charts while you are reading will help you to understand the text, and interpret the statistical data better.



فسّر = اوّل . ترْجم .



p.58 As you read the text, refer to the appropriate part of the diagram.



أَشار الى . يرجع (الى) .  

وجّح الانتباح (الى)



p.59 The number remained stable until March.



يضلّ . يَبقِي


p.62 Students are often required to transform data from a graph or chart into text.



طلب . احتاج .



59. There were fewer visitors to Poland and Mexico, in seventh and eighth place respectively; only about twenty million to each country.



بحسب الترتيب


Example sentence





p.62This increased dramatically in 1996 to $700 and then remained stable for the next year.



ثابِت . مُستقِر




p.63This was followed by a steady rise over the next two years to $800 by 2000.



رَكين . ماكن = غير متزعزع


p.59 Then in September there was a sudden drop to about 100 million to about 100 million, followed by a steady fall to the lowest point in November.







p.60 A sudden drop (or rise) is fast and unexpected.



غير متَوَقَع (او) غير مُنتَظَر


p.58 Read the description of the horizontal and vertical data.








p.61 Overall, the percentage of French and Japanese visitors increased between 1995 and 2005, whereas the percentage of Russian tourists fell.





ولكن . في حين (أن) .