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Welcome to the KFUPM PYP Vocabulary for 001 and 002 (Tech Talk and Technology 1 and 2 & Headway Academic Skills 1, 2 and 3)

arranged by the teachers at KFUPM for their students                                mirror site at http://www-personal.umich.edu/~dhoppe will expire August 31, 2012


Vocabulary for 001A

001A&B TechTalk Elementary and Pre-Intermediate Vocabulary (sentences  under construction, as "Google docs" week by week) Students are welcome to add Arabic, or definitions, by clicking on each Google docs file

001A&B New Headway Academic Skills Level 1 Vocabulary

2000-words.pdf (right-click and "Save to target" to download) English-Arabic of 2000 words KFUPM 001 students should know by the end of first semester

Scans (pdf's) of TechTalk Elementary Book:

 Week 1 Units 1-6, Week 2 Units 7-9 (right-click and "Save target as..." to download)




Vocabulary of 002A:

002A&B Technology 1 and 2  (mirror site sa)           Podcast Link (for extra listening practice: Click on "Aller l'archive")

002A Headway Academic Skills Level 2 (mirror site sa)

Vocabulary of 002B

002A&B Technology 1 and 2   (mirror site sa)           Podcast Link (for extra listening practice: Click on "Aller l'archive")

002B Headway Academic Skills Level 3  (mirror site usa)

Other Miscellaneous (for teachers, and students, too, if interested):  Course Word List (Google docs-view only)

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Link to Denis Hoppe's old KFUPM web page.(this page sometimes unavailable)

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