Dr. Saleh I. Al-Quraishi



Research Interest: 

I am currently interested in: 

1.    The synthesis of metal oxide nanoparticles using microwave combustion and by flame spray pyrolysis methods.

2.    Catalyst regeneration by microwave.

3.    Development of new zone purification method.

4.    Studying the effect of magnetic field and substrate temperature on the properties of the synthesized thin film in the dc magnetron sputtering.


Research Experience
Visits to International Research Institutions

       Many visits for more than two months duration to Edward accelerator Lab at Ohio University 1998-2004.

Research Projects

  1. " Development of an external ion beam facility For non-vacuum nuclear analysis of special materials.", Co-investigator, SABIC Project,  No 99-1 , KFUPM, 1999-2001
  2. "Design of a microwave heater to be used in a kitchen microwave oven", Principle Investigator, College Grants Project No 2005/02, KFUPM, 2005-2006.
  3. Development of a charge particles reaction chamber to measurements of TOF of charge particles (PhD Thesis).
  4. Applications Of Nanoscale Materials (Metal Oxides) Using Laser Induced Photo-Catalytic Process: (Purification of Air & Water, Corrosion Inhibition) under Project # 08-NAN93-4.  (CI)
  5. Biocompatible and Biodegradable Polymer Nanoparticles For Cancer Cell Imaging. 08-BIO96-4.  (CI)
  1. Lanthanide-doped oxide nanoparticles Multi-modal Molecular Imaging Agents 10-NAN1386-04. (CI)

Membership of International Committees

  • Member of the technical program Committee of the International conference on "Accelerator Applications in a Nuclear Renaissance", San Diego, California June 2003.