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Title Year Download
Hybrid Ambiguities in the Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) of Heavy Elements
1993 Download
Experience with KFUPM Scanning Microbeam 1994 Download
Trace element analysis in crude oil samples 1996 Download
Volcanic sediments and distinctive geological setting as revealed by microbeam-PIXE technique 1995 Download
Lanthanide negative ion detection using accelerator mass spectrometer 1992 Download
Yb- a fragile negative ion and AMS
Nuclear reaction analysis at KFUPM
Micro-PIXE measurement of Ni distribution over supported Nickel Oxide catalyst
1994 Download
Measurement of L-Subshell ionisation cross s sections of Ho, Er, and Tm by α-particle bombardments 1996 Download
Negative ion of the Lanthanides 1992 Download
AMS of Heavy ions with Smaller accelerators 1990 Download
Ca negative-ion binding energy 1992 Download
Observation of the negative ions: Ra, Pa, and Pu 1993 Download
Electronic dissociation of negative ions 1994 Download
Micro analytical investigations of gold-bearing rocks from the Sukhaybarat region in Saudi Arabia 1996 Download
Ph.D Thesis | Negative Ion Survey Using Accelerator Mass Spectrometry 1992 Download
Ion bean emission of X-Rays (IBEX)
Negative ions for some group IIa elements
Manganese-55 and solar Neutrino Detection using AMS
1989 Download

The gamma decay of g9/2 and d5/2 analogue resonances in 57Co

1985 Download
-PIXE Trace Element Analysis of Crude Oil. 1996 Download
Lanthanide negative ion detection using accelerator mass spectrometry 1993 Download


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