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  • Superconductivity: Magnetic and Thermodynamics properties.
  • Semiconductors: magnetic properties of ZnO doped with transition metals.
  • Magnetic properties of Glasses and Spin-Glasses, induced anisotropy, and reentrant behavior.
  •  Bio-magnetism: Effects of gas-adsorption Magnetic properties of blood.
  • Magnetic properties of nanostructure.

  Instrumentation and experimental skills:

·         Designed and built vibrating sample magnetometer for measuring 2 and 3-dimentional vector magnetization.                        

  • Rotational Magnetization processes.                                     

·         SQUID magnetometer.

·         Designed new ac technique for vortex shaking in superconductors.

·          Designed and built various new experiments and demonstrations for graduate and undergraduate teaching labs.

 International collaboration

  1. Iowa State University: P.C. Canfield, and D. K. Finnemore: Iowa State University. Scaling Behavior in Borocarbide and in stripe phase superconductors 1997-2001.
  2. Warwick University: D. Holland, and C. F. McConville “Surface structure and properties of praseodymium silicate glasses”1995-2002.
  3. Jordan Univ. of Science and Technology  M. Khaier, M Elbbis: “Pinning properties of Gd-Y(123) High temperature superconductors 1998-2001.
  4. Yarmouk University: Y. Hamam and H. Ghannem.  Magnetic Polymers in progress.
  5. M. M. Abdelhadi: Hail Community College “Synthesis and characterization of colossal magnetoresistance (CMR) materials doped with magnetic ions. Funded project (2005-2006).
  6. Esam Abdulhafidh “Sub-micron size Defects in superconductors and in Polymers using Positron annihilation technique”. September 2003.

 Lab Development

  1. Research lab: Set up a state of the art Superconductivity and Magnetism Lab. The Lab includes:

·         Computerized Vibrating Sample Magnetometer.

·         Home made Rotational Magnetometer.

·         Home made DC and AC Resistivity Setup.

  1. Teaching Lab: For advanced senior lab I have designed and built the following new experiments:
    • Chaos and non-linearity;
    • Frequency dependent hysteresis loops.
    • Hall Effect.


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