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Thesis Supervising:

Ph.D. Thesis (completed)

1-      N. M. Hamdan "Effect of Temperature and Ion Irradiation on the Properties of Bi-based Superconductors" Middle East Technical University- Turkey –1993.  June1993.

2-    A. Mekki “Magnetic and XPS Properties of Transition Metal Glasses” Enrolled at University of Warwick - Warwick-UK. Jan 1998. Supervised the magnetic part.

3-    D. AlshangetyEffects of Zn substitution of the reversible and irreversible properties of Tl-based Superconductors” Enrolled at Girls College Jeddah Sept  2006.


Ph.D. Thesis (in progress)

4-      A. F. Salem Transition metals in MgB2 Superconductors. Jan 2003. Enrolled at Alazher University Egypt. Advisor.


PhD. thesis committee member

1.      Noora Awadh  El Kahtany  Physics Department. Girls College Dammam Saudi Arabia (June 2000).


MSc. Thesis Supervised (completed)

1.      Maher Abdelhadi “Critical currents and Pinning Forces in Y1Ba2Cu3O7 High-Tc Superconductor” Physics Department. KFUPM 1993.

2.      Astra Dasa Nova “Oxygen contents and disorder effects on the Magnetic Properties of Y123 High-Tc Superconductors” Physics Department KFUPM. Sept. 1995.

3.      Esam Abdulhafidh “Energy losses and pinning forces in Y123/AgO high-Tc superconductors”. Physics Department KFUPM. June 1996.

4.      Shaker Alfear “Structure and Stress Measurements in Oxygen deficient Y123  High-Tc Superconductors” Physics Department KFUPM. June 1997

5.      Fuad Enaya “Magnetic Irreversibility and scaling in Y124 High-Tc Superconductor” Physics Department. KFUPM 1998

6.      Ahmed F. Salem  “Free energy surface and thermodynamic scaling properties of (Yx- Gd1-x) Ba2Cu3O7” Physics Department KFUPM Dec 1999.

7.      H. Qadi “Hydrogen effects in GdBa2Cu3O7 superconductor”  Girls College- Dammam Saudi Arabia June 2006.

8.      H. Al-Hashem “Gamma Irradiation effects in Gd-based superconductors. Girls College- Dammam Saudi Arabia. September 2006.

9.   Afif Isamil Razzak “ Ferromagnetic behaviour in ZnO-Fe”. Physics Department KFUPM. 2008.

10.    Bader Alharthi "Magnetic properties of Er-Sr-MnO Systems. Physics Department KFUPM. 2008.

MS. Thesis committee member

  1. Ismail E. Kaka: Earth Science Department. KFUPM (1993).
  2. Tarfa Al-Shedi: Physics Department. Girls College Dammam (June 1995).
  3. Amal Al-Otabi:  Physics Department Girls College Dammam (June 2000).
  4. Said Almarzoug: Physics Department. KFUPM, 2003.
  5. A,  Aldossary   Mechanical Engineering Department. KFUPM. 2009.







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